Discrimination faced by ABCs in the US


Asian americans aren’t seen as american, seems kind of natural that mixed kids born in taiwan arent taiwanese


Asian Americans are seen as American.


Nah they’re not. If so why do they get told all the time your english is so good, where are you from?, why do they have an asian before their asian american tag while a german white american doesn’t?

Some proof to bakc up my claim:

Both minorities are getting shit on. Seems a bit more fair now i think


Italian American for example is super common. The key word is American which the vast majority of people recognize. There are idiots everywhere. That this works out in your head to being fair tells me that we have different conceptions of what the word means, but that’s okay.


Fair to me is both sides get approximtely the same treatment.


People getting treated badly is just people getting treated badly to me.


Uhh i feel there should be some retribution for when i was treated badly as a minority in the US


Two wrongs don’t make a right.


And one wrong doesn’t make it right either…


That’s why people should do things that are right to make things right.


I don’t see anyone doing anything so i feel its justified that both minorities are shit on. Thats why i moved here.


Real nice, good luck with that.


I dont even have to search for this stuff…i go on cnn and its on the front page…


well they should be seen as american. thats the system. most people see them as american i would say. those that don’t are completely in the wrong.

could you get away with calling them an outsider? that they will never be an american , they will never understand the culture even if they speak english fluently or were born there? would that be a widely accepted view in the states? not a chance in hell. but this is the attitude of 99% of Taiwanese when it comes to foreigners here.

why do some people accept different standards here than they would back home? i can accept it(because its reality), but i don’t think its right and i don’t like the term wai guo ren. it means outsider, its not formal or polite. just call me a laowai or adoga and say what you mean. i am ok with that. now if i had a kid here and they were called a wai guo ren throughout their life here that is something i wouldn’t be happy with.



I agree they should be seen as american but we are not in the eyes of a lot of “true” americans


Some, but the majority will consider you fully American. Italian-American, Irish-American. Robert De Niro, John F Kennedy…nobody would doubt for a second. The issue is just Asian-Americans are a relatively new group (in terms of signficant numbers) and have not pushed into politics like some others, so you have less figureheads.
But hyphenation (and this is something that folks are proud to declare usually) is a lot better than being called ‘FOREIGNER’ by random people everywhere you go. Try that!!


Brian…sure it could be better but lets say taiwan changed and called ur kid or u german taiwanese, next step is people bitching about the hypenation just like how asian americans are bitching right now


Well I think we’ve made some progress here at least. Andrew’s eyes are opened a little to the big wide world ayonder :heart:


ehhhhh…I did observe the discrimination of the minorities in Taiwan, so I can’t be that bad hey :stuck_out_tongue:


Understand I agreed with you to stop this pointless conversation continuing. If the mods wouldn’t constantly censor me I’d have some better things to say to you.