Discrimination? Or perhaps just the lack of it

People, we must take the initiative.

I propose a coordinated campaign combining resource denial and cultural emasculation.

Across Taiwan, foreigners dressed as cowboys, construction workers, red indians etc swan into truck dealers waving their big fat supersize-me wallets around, simply begging to buy one of those “Dahlin lil’ol Taiwanese trucks, shoot, they’se just as cute as a BUG! Honey, tell me you got one in PINK, Ah’ll pay ANYTHING”

Intel indicates that very few in the trade as yet know about the “Trucks are for Taiwanese” trap. Dealer resprays truck in PINK to rip off despised camp foreigner.

Dealer then sees sweet deal get away and is stuck with a pink truck.

If we convert a significant proportion of the BLUE truck stock to PINK, we will blast a crater in their xeno/homo/pinko - phobic racial memory so big they’ll be BEGGING us to buy their trucks. Cut off their nuts and their hearts and minds will follow.

There is only one man to lead such an operation. He knows the terrain, he knows the enemy, and he knows PINK.

Gentleman, I give you “El Pantera” himself, Mr sulavaca.

Ed, I used to think you were a bit… weird. Now I see you are completely mad! :laughing:

LOL! :laughing:

Its all about connections, man.

All these threads are connected. Each thread has ten to the fourth connections to the threads around it, and there are ten to the twelfth threads on Forumosa.

Thats a lot. Thats more connections than the human brain. You get it?

[strike]You have to tune in to the Zeitgeist.[/strike]

Edit: But of course you get it, You are a Mod. You know it’s a network – a global network. And the Mods can access it – they can upload and download data --memories – from posts like that one you destroyed.

The wealth of this world isn’t in a single joke – it’s all around us. The Mods know that, and they’re fighting to defend it. If you want to share this world with them, and keep your posts out of Temp, you need to understand them.

Your problem isn’t that I’m completely mad. Your problem is that, despite being allegedly completely mad, I sometimes make a lot of sense, kind of.

And that scares you a little. :wink:

(For example, my plan is both more practical and more likely to be effective than this load of old bollocks)

The wealth of this world isn’t in a single joke – it’s all around us. The Mods know that, and they’re fighting to defend it. If you want to share this world with them, and keep your posts out of Temp, you need to stay on topic.[/quote]

Fixed that for ya.

There’s no time to LOL. Our only security lies in pre-emptive strike.

Today Trucks, Tommorrow Tools, Tonka Toys, Training, Travel, Tagiatelli, Tonsilectomy, Tofu, Torah.

The minority experience in Europe in the 20th century suggests that, where there is no logic, there are no limits.

We must mobilise while we still can.

Basic Training

Of course this is based on British Army tactical doctrine and SOP’s , with which I am more familiar. It may be more appropriate to adopt a US-based model.

Marching Song Suggestion

The second greatest regret of my military career was FAILING to get a Cole Porter-esque “Marching Song” going, when exhorted by some terribly gung ho officer-esque person to sing one of those USMC-esque “I don’t know but I’ve been told” ditties which another unit was regaling the woods with.

Was on the tip of my tongue but the moment passed, and never recurred.

(Solo lead, VERY light tenor) :
"Heaven, I’m in Heaven,
and I feel so gay that can hardly speak,
and I seem to find the happiness I seek,
when we’re out together
Marching Cheek to Cheek.

Oh I love to climb a mountain, and to reach the
highest peak, but I don’t enjoy it half as much as
(platoon shouted chorus)



etc, Coulda bin GREAT. I brood on it sometimes, I can almost SEE CAPTAIN AMERICA’s eyes bulging and the veins standing out on his temples. I’ve an uneasy feeling I’ve told it as if it happened, but it didn’t.

The Oompalumpa song was OK but didn’t really annoy anyone much. Actually probably did raise morale-in-the-rain just like its supposed to. Heigh-ho.

I’m only on my second beer and fucked if I know what is going on here.

Thats not nearly enough beer.