Discriminatory Happy Marian (from the flame)


No worries! :slight_smile: I just wanted to make sure what was being said.

I agree with you. A school can reject a student for any reason. Most don’t however, as rejecting the student is the same as rejecting money! I think that HM just didn’t want any possible trouble and though I am not sure what I would do in that situation, I can’t harsh on HM for its’ decision.

HM saw potential for trouble and acted upon it.

[quote=“ironlady”]That is painting people with a pretty broad brush. “This woman works for Buxiban X, therefore having her child in our program will cause trouble.” Actually I could think of many good reasons why the woman might NOT want her child to attend Buxiban X where she herself works! (even if they did have the appropriate program).

So the child is supposed to suffer because Mom works at a certain place? (Well, if not going to HM is considered “suffering”, which I’m not quite certain about… :laughing: )[/quote]

I salute this broad-mindeness. If school owners have the same attitude, then why there are so much students going abroad to study and bringing back what they learn. The main reason why schools in other countries are not a bit worry is that they are confident that it is hard to copy other school’s curiculum. Happy Marian have been establish and have it’s own reputation. This is a matter of insecurity.

[quote=“Okami”]Amos to answer your question: Public school

Your coworker should of had more than enough clue/sense to lie or state differently their employment. She wasn’t thinking or thought her position would entitle her to something. Personally I think the Happy Marian boss did something that required a spine and took care of a lot of potential problems early. [/quote]

Dear Okami ,

Now , you are going the wrong turn and promoting that telling a lie is RIGHT. Don’t forget that the truth will still prevail. As noted by Happy Marian , “Joe’s” English was better than anyone’s at her school. I’m sure Happy Marian have asked where did the child learn his english during the interview.

SPINE ??? It sounds more unprofessional for a reputable Happy Marian who doesn’t need to emphasized that it has THE RIGHT TO REJECT … Why is it wasn’t the Happy Marian to tell a white lie by saying " I’m sorry , after rechecking we regret to inform you that there is no vacancy."


Okami wrote[quote]The child wasn’t only rejected because his mom works foir another school. A teacher that works there PMed me and explained his side of it. The mother is not telling the whole story.[/quote]Unless you have some asolutely ground breaking news that I’m not aware of. I will post a pm from the worker of this school on here to settle this shit once and for all.

(grabs popcorn)

Sex! Corporate theft! Backstabbing! This is better than the soaps! Don’t leave us hanging, hurry up and feed us all the gritty details. Is this a sleazy business or what?

Is this just Harpy Marion or is it widespread in the business?

I’m waiting too! Spill the beans fellah.