Discriminatory job advertisement on forumosa



Yes. But even if they need work permit, I think private non-buxiban company can hire foreigners from non English countries to help them in English.

At regular schools, they need teacher licence in addition to work right/permit.


As long as they can justify why they need that foreigner for… but I haven’t seen any category that fits as “help with English” among the options that the government gives you.


Is there no room for in-company translator or something like that? Its different from English teacher, though.


To be a translator you need to be native in one of your language pair and have two years related experience.


Cant it be an option that Formosa has an anti-discrimination policy more active than taiwanese laws say?


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I’m not sure. Could we be doing something legally actionable by rejecting an advertisement for such reasons? I think it would be dependent on the severity of the circumstances, and that’s certainly open for discussion here.


I think yes, without changing any forum policies. The mods can remove/reject any posts by any reasons.


True, but I’m not totally sure how that would apply to an advertisement. We’d have to take a look at that. Anyway, do we want to here? That might be more to the point


You must know on legal issue to operate a forum a lot more than me, but ill search on this (policy) issue for a while.


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It would just be something we’d have to look into. Now, I’m mostly trying to figure out if such provisions are legal or not. I’m trying to put together a query to the Labor ministry, but I can’t find the regulation that says foreign cram school language teachers have to have a passport from a country with the right official language. Taiwan government FAQ’s seem to change their web addressing every 6 months, which doesn’t exactly help




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its here. Article 42 of Qualifications and Criteria Standards for foreigners undertaking the jobs specified under Article 46.1.1 to 46.1.6 of the Employment Service Act.



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The legislature yesterday passed an amendment stipulating that employers can not discriminate against jobseekers on the basis of birthplace, sexual orientation or age.


Yep, we know about that law. I’m just not sure how its provisions apply to foreign workers. If I were, we wouldn’t need this thread