I just drank a WHOLE bottle of Super Supau in under one hour and I am displaying ABSOLUTELY NO super powers whatsoever.


I’m fed up being conned here. Those Ninja shoes were crap too.

Your super powers are latent. You are now immune to all bullets. Go on, try it.


You found someone willing to shoot you in a minute! That’s a super power. Actually…

Have you tried supau-ing? It only makes you ‘super’ at that, y’know.

You can communicate telepathically with midgets withing a radius of 10 meters.

Yes, but I could ALREADY do that.

You made me laugh at the exact moment my boss was walking by. Curse you and your evil powers!

Me too! I just muttered something about fool writers; ‘de rigeur’ indeed!

Cool! So my new super power is the ability to make people laugh? I’ve always wanted to be able to do that. Maybe I should start a stand-up comedy routine. What should I call it?

I simply refuse to believe it didn’t give you superpowers. Have you tried masturbating? More to the point, have you tried to stop? Maybe its because you only had a small bottle?

‘Stu-pid Jokes’
‘Super Stupau’

Edit Sandman. Whaaaat?

[quote=“Buttercup”]‘Stu-pid Jokes’
‘Super Stupau’

Edit Sandman. Whaaaat?[/quote]
Mother Theresa can’t always be around to give him a reach-around. Besides, he’s hurt his arm.

Doesn’t matter; he just said he can’t lift it above his head’s all.

(MT isn’t a midget, is he? mind you, irishstu’d be able to read his mind anyway)

Stu-pid Jokes?


How about Stu-PENDOUS Jokes?

And then my subtitle/slogan thingy could be “Twice as funny”. No wait, that would be shite.

OK, OK, how about “Really funny because I have super powers now (which make me funny)”?

I remember that guy.

OK, now that my stand-up comedy name is sorted, I guess I’ll need a superhero name.

How about “Stuporman”?

‘The Great Stupendo’?

You’re not a ‘Pocari Sweat’ man, then?

You got punk’d big time. Incidentally, the local aborigine translation for ‘Pocari’ means the ballbag of a binlang chewing tai-ke!
So try stay away from ‘Pocari Sweat’ if you can…

What are you going to use your newly found non-powers for? Good, or evil?

I was thinking I could be one of those bad guys that also does surprisingly good things from time to time, just when nobody expects it.