Dish HD promo?

I know there’s a thread about the Dish HD, but I’m looking for some info about the promo deal quickly because I’m thinking of getting it within the next few days. Can anyone explain the 299NT per month deal they have going? It’s not listed on their website, but I still see it being advertised at Costco. From what I gather from the DM, you pay 299NT per month plus all the equipment fees. How long do you get this special price? I thought it said for 2 years, but that seems a bit too good to be true.

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Anyone shed some light on this?? :slight_smile:

I believe the 300NT/month deal was for 3 months (you pay that for dish rental), then after that you select a package and pay for that too. See my post on the 2nd last page of the other thread, I got that info from reading the terms on the dishhd site back when it was on there and whatever I said in that post is most likely accurate.

Strange the site now lists it as 1200 a month with hardware purchase required…that seems to imply you have to buy the dish, which was the case when the company originally rolled out. I’m on a deal where I’m renting the dish (and only had to pay a deposit…my deal runs 2 years). Personally I have no interest in buying the dish and will not if they try to pull something like that when my contract is up. FYI I pay 1150 a month total for dish rental and premier package.

Just go to costco and speak to the rep there. Even if their English is minimal and so is your Chinese you can get answers…I got poor results calling their ‘English’ dealers on the website, so definitely talk to the costco rep.