Dishes slowly trickle to table

We sit at a cafe, put in an order. Then the dishes/beverages start arriving. Slowly. One coffee. A few minutes later, the other coffee. Etc etc. Makes it quite difficult to enjoy drinks/a meal together. Is this a Taiwan thing?

It’s very common in Taiwan. Dishes tend to be served as they are completed, with little consideration for the concept of people enjoying their meals at the same time.

Another thing that annoys me is when they serve the drinks after you’ve finished your meal, as if drinks are a dessert. I would like to enjoy my drink with my meal, thank you. Having no beverages while eating seems to be a very common Taiwan thing.

There really are a wide variety of service styles here: some professional, some not so much.

I’m more forgiving of the situation you described when it’s a small outfit and people are hustling and doing their best. If however staff are slouching around checking their phones…well, let’s just say I won’t be back.


Sitting at the Bangkok Thai restaurant in Berkeley the other day. Distinguished looking middle aged Indian looking gentleman with his middle aged girlfriend (probably not wife). His food arrived and he let it sit and sit and sit for about 15 minutes before her food arrived. They both ignorred the fact that his food was there and getting cold. When her food arrived they both started eating rapidly (possibly both hungry at that late hour). I said girlfriend because a Wife would’ve mentioned that food had arrived. My wife would simply have dug into the food when it got to the table regardless of whether it was my order or her order.

So it happens over this side of the pond too.

I suppose at higher end establishments on both sides of the pond , more consideration would be taken as to when the food arrived. But even then , although both got their mains at the same time, one persons main may have been sitting on the counter for a minute or two and not be totally hot.

So ? Problems (and adventures) abound while dining out.

In Taiwan this concept what we call bad service is the norm. If you want your drinks you need to ask them until they bring them. Being patient doesnt work here. They bring the drinks after you are finished. The dishes almost never arrive at same time even in western style places. Fine dining is only possible in a handfull of places here. By that I don’t mean usa franchise stores, the service inthere also sucks.


Tell them when to bring stuff, if it’s hard for you.

I most places they give you first some water … food is many times ‘shared’, so the one plate a person has still to be developed, even in western style eateries.

True… so true… :neutral:

Not only seen in Taiwan: all over Asia they throw out whatever is done first. Even in upscale restaurants in Singapore. Annoying.