Dismantling the aircraft carrier ENTERPRISE!

We got to stop this craziness. I see on ABC news that the government has decided, after retirement of Enterprise, the greatest war ship ever created, will take it into Bellingham, WA for demolition; cut into small pieces of scrap and the valves and the piping sold for a discount. How can any American allow this to continue? It is sooo misguided. I am sending a message that I hope spreads that it should NOT be torn apart. The only time I saw Big E. was while in boot and it was anchored off the coast. I stared in awe.
Park it in Seattle; cover the flight deck with a park, leaving the takeoff area open with lawn and a WWII aircraft posed for takeoff The hangar area could be parking for folks visiting. In all the following alternatives to total destruction, the only thing the “People” salvage with a great amount of love and admiration for their country, is the hull. The lower decks should be upgraded with handicap access and turned into a maritime museum. Above the flight deck should be turned into restaurants. Patriots should be able to stop this travesty.
How in the hell can the government retire this great emblem of freedom! Like all us old folks, she still has has some life in her old bones. Kids need to see the warship and understand the lives that were taken to protect us all, in oh so many countries!.
How in the hell, can they even think of cutting her into pieces?

I read something today that said the only way to remove the nuclear fuel is to punch big holes in it, which will make it impossible to mothball it or turn it into a museum.

I appreciate the response but;
Come on! Getting rid of nuclear waste by sending into the ocean? I think not. The government will come up with an endless list of propaganda about the reactors. Don’t you think the U.S. has enough technology to solve the problem? It seems that they are lacking but why are the so anxious to dismantle this proud lady of the oceans? I hope to walk the decks someday.

Well, they have to remove the reactors before they can decommission it. They can’t leave them and their spent nuclear fuel sitting there. The waste won’t go into the ocean. Anything is possible, but it probably won’t be cost effective to try and rebuild it after that. That was the explanation I read today, anyway :idunno: It makes sense to me, but I didn’t look into it any deeper.

Park it in Seattle[/quote]

I have a sinking suspicion that ain’t gonna happen.

Why not? Presumably if it was safe during operation, it’s still safe now.

It does seem a shame to carve up such a unique bit of history (and technology) for scrap metal. There’s a German U-boat in a museum somewhere, perfectly preserved, that I’d like to have a look at someday. The Enterprise would definitely be on my list of stuff to see, at least when (in the far distant future) Americans let foreigners through passport control without a rectal probe. Yay freedom!

btw, I think someone should at least paint “NCC 1701” on the front, before they do whatever they’re going to do.

Sink it as an attraction for scuba divers as they did with the Orsinsky.

Charge a fee to dive on it, with proceeds going to some veterans charity.

I don’t think maintaining a nuclear reactor–actually 8 in the big E’s case–in a safe condition is that simple of a proposition.