Disney ... dog haters?


Disney vermoordt vagebond.

Disney heeft tientallen straathonden laten afmaken. De dieren zwierven rond het nieuwe themapark in Hongkong dat in september opengaat. Volgens een woordvoerder van Disney vormden de honden een bedreiging voor het personeel en de bouwvakkers.

Chinese dierenbeschermers hebben furieus gereageerd. Ze vinden dat een bedrijf als Disney - maker van films als 101 Dalmati

[quote] They’d be a treat to themployees and construction workers … yeah right.

What’s up with Disney? first they are going to serve sharkfin soup and now they have killed dogs! [/quote]
How mean to kill their livestock and put them on a sharkfin soup diet.

There’s Disney the image, and Disney the reality, and the two are very far apart.

I think that Disney rounded up the dogs and took them to the Humane Society. It’s now considered inhumane to take dogs to the Humane Society.

In addition, it was not the Disney Corporation’s decision to put shark fin on the menu. A big company like Disney hires professional chefs to make the menu. If the chef likes a dish, should he get it checked over by the board of executives? If you encourage a situation like that where you need to run to the CEO to ask if you can wipe your own ass, the company is not going to be a fun one to work at.

I don’t fault Disney for the moves. Nor do I fault the animal rights activists. I feel that both did what they could in the situation. However, I do feel like animal rights activists need to do more than finger pointing to make real progress.