Disney+ is live now in the USA.
VPN works to get into the US site, but requires a US credit card to subscribe.

It won’t launch in Europe until mid 2020 and plans to launch in Asia have yet to be announced.

Kind of bummed my Taiwan credit card didn’t work, debit Visa didn’t work either. Even my PayPal account was not accepted.

Has anyone joined successfully from within Taiwan using a VPN and local credit card?


I don’t know if there’s a way to do it without the FireTV stick, but I signed up through that. It used my amazon account for payment (which has a US billing address as default). That being said, I’m on a 7 day trial and haven’t been charged yet but I don’t see it being a problem.

Damn. I really want to get it as well.


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Everything will show up in torrents within hours of the live broadcast.

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Disney+ has very little in the way of new content at this stage anyway: The Mandalorian, which has gotten pretty mixed reviews so far, and I think a live-action Lady and the Tramp. But the strength of the service is the massive, massive catalog. Who knows, when it shows up here, I may even watch post-season 10 Simpsons.

If you’re turning on the TV to watch something you already know and like, Disney+ (when it shows up) looks far superior to Netflix here in Taiwan. If you’re looking for something new and interesting … I dunno, watching that kind of stuff legitimately, in Taiwan, during the streaming wars that have now begun, is probably going to become even more difficult.

Do they take Paypal? You might also try getting a US based virtual credit card, or buy a gift card.

You can create PayPal account in a different country (e.g. US). Don’t link your overseas credit cards. Send yourself money from another PayPal account (some fees). PayPal balance will be used first when paying for stuff. They might force you to link a credit card anyway, then get an American Prepaid/Virtual Card.

I use that to avoid paying EU VAT (19%) for non EU products since I am not residing in the EU, but the VAT is sometimes wrongly forced on you when paying with European PayPal account.

Will the family plan/sharing be the same as Netflix?

Maybe we can get it here via relative/friend who shares the account to us?

Interesting question. I wonder if Netflix exec suite still regards leaving this option open (sharing passwords) as a boost to revenue. My guess is they regret it, and regard it as an evil necessary to survival as they transitioned from a DVD-shipper to a digital platform.

I would be surprised if Disney allows multiple logins, especially now that Netflix has made digital video viable (and is still footing the expense).

I got Disney+ and the Hulu/ESPN+ bundle, but I have a US credit card. Disney+ works with a VPN, but I can’t share with my TV or AppleTV, so I have to watch on my computer or iPad. ESPN and Hulu don’t work at all, even with a VPN, so I will be canceling the subscription and just getting Disney+

Disney+ is great. Simply the best. No others like it. Make sure to subscribe as soon as you can.

I hold disney stock. Make me rich.

It will probably destroy Netflix IMO. Amazon will be OK though.

Its short on new original content. How many times are people going to rewatch old Disney movies?
Way too many streaming services now. I think we will see consolidation of sorts within a few years.

So many Netflix Original movies and series with good following, it’s possible, but not right off the bat.

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If I got paid for how many times I’ve watched old Disney movies…

How many young families are there? Disney has always had strong appeal to parents who babysit via television, as well as grandparents who love to watch old Disney content with their grandkids. Kids love to rewatch stuff.

The Star Wars and MCU content will likely be a big draw to single adults as well.

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You can get the bundle and it’s still about the same as Netflix only, and many have Amazon Prime Video too. Plus Disney will surely start snatching original content and expand their station access.

You can add multiple users. I haven’t tried to see what the maximum is yet.

four concurrent streams, up to seven user profiles per account

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