Loaded DisORIENTED forum with original DisORIENTED stories.


Gus, why doesn’t the most recent post appear at the top of the page as it does in the other forums? I find it a bit irritating having to scroll down to the bottom to get the latest replies.


Hi Sandman. I’m glad you noticed the disORIENTED Forum is supposed to be different from other forums. It’s supposed to be a content area, and not a discussion forum. Unfortunately, the restriction keeping people from replying to the postings isn’t working (!!).

I find it ironic that the first person to “violate” the restriction was a Forum moderator. To be fair, he didn’t know I intended disORIENTED to be for viewing only. At least, I learned that the restriction didn’t work in the process.

I’ve been playing alot with Greymatter – a content management system that seems really suited for our/my vision of disORIENTED. So, I might move disO again(!). (But don’t hold your breath, since there’s a whole bunch of other parts of the website that must be fixed or updated first)

I still wouldn’t like discussions to happen in the disORIENTED forum – but mostly becuase I don’t want to moderate it. If you insist that it should be in date order, drop me a line (better yet, post here) and I’ll flick the switch. But you’ve read it here first, disO may be moved again by the summer.