Displaying Chinese characters on English Windows

I’m noticing something interesting (and a bit confounding, to be honest) whilst perusing the Forum: Some people’s posts of Chinese characters show up as they should and some show up as gibberish. Can anyone tell me why that is? I’m running Win98SE, and have installed the Traditional Chinese Font support from WindowsUpdate.

Thanks in advance.

Go To ‘View’ on the menu, then Encoding, and choose Traditional Chinese.
IE doesn’t always know it’s supposed to show chinese so you have to tell it.

I’m running English XP but I’m having trouble seeing chinese in java applets. I was using NJStar to see it before on a previous install but since I got a new computer I haven’t been able to duplicate it. i’m using the java plug-in from Sun. any insight would be great!

I use WindowsXP Pro in English. I share with my wife and we’re always able to see and type in Chinese, even on a BBS.

Go to the control panel and open Regional and Language Options.
Click on Languages and install all the supplemental language support.
Click on Details and install all the additional Chinese languages and keyboard arrangements/input methods that you might want to use.
If you want to be able to type Pinyin, download Microsoft New Phonetic IME 2002a. Highlight and click properties. Go to Keyboard Mapping and select Hanyu Pinyin.
Go back to the Regional and Language Options Box and click advanced.
For the Language for non-unicode programs, select Chinese (Taiwan).
Select all the Chinese code conversion tables from the box below.

After doing all this, we’ve never had any problems. The one thing to watch is, when the box pops up saying ‘you must restart before the changes will take effect. Do you want to restart now?’ I had to restart immediately, other wise some of the changes didn’t stick.


Oh yeah. One good thing about using XP is you can have multiole users with their own settings (although some of the setting I mentioned are for all users), so when I log on the default is English, and when my wife logs on it’s Chinese (and we have our own desktops, favorites etc).


Did anyone try Synaptics