Displaying chinese on windows

Hi, I have windows XP pro, and i’ve installed the East language pack. I can input chinese, and can see chinese on websites.

However, all the files on my computer, such as mp3 names, etc, are still not in chinese. How can I fix that? Thanks.

Control Panel - Regional and Language Options - advanced - language for non-unicode programs - Chinese (Taiwan).


Thanks. that solved half the problem. files show up in chinese, but some programs still doesn’t. for example, when i play chinese mp3s on media player, it wont show the chinese names of the song.

You know the solution? thanks.

Works for me.

I just remember one weird thing about these settings. Something like, you haveto change the settings and then reboot the computer right away. If you reboot later, the settings switch back or something.


hm…strange…still doesn’t work for me…anybody else have any ideas?

From Windows Media Player: select Play -> Audio and Language Tracks ->Default…, then change Captions and Subtitles…

hmm…i chaned captions to Chinese (taiwan)…but still doesn’t work???

chinese can display everywhere else on my computer…but not on software that’s running?

Same problem here with Media Player, also tried Xiren’s advise but no luck.

I think it’s a problem with the individual applications, e.g. my Outlook doesn’t show Chinese characters until I open the actual mail. I can’t open documents by double-clicking them in the Explorer for certain applications that have Chinese characters in the file name or path, instead I have to open the application and use the file/open menu.
Other applications completely refuse to open files with Chinese characters so that I have to rename them. Etc.

You could convert the mp3 tags to unicode. Unicode Rewriter (java) will do it; so will Chinese Rewriter on the Mac. iTunes Windows handles chinese tags fine once you make default encoding changes; no need to convert to unicode.

I can read the Chinese names of my songs on media player, and see the Chinese in Outlook emails without opening them. So it can be done. IU’ve done it three times.

Reboot, and change all your language settings and do it again.