Dispute with neighbors -- I think the police are biased against foreigners

Haven’t read all the responses up there. My advice would be, just move. Man, there are hundreds of rooftop places you can rent without having to deal with this sh_t. Well, perhaps other sh_t instead. If you are surrounded by a_holes, move out asap. There are so many nice people in Taiwan, why spend time dealing with bad people, if you can avoid it.


With a high enough wall, yep. I would recommend a cat, even better and ecological. No more birds will approach and if they do, well, they will be taken care off before they poo.

TBH, he did try being civilized and used dialogue. Pity it didn´t work. I would have played the victim to the max but I am a woman, people that do not know me do not fear me. Or any passive aggressive technique. The conflict got to the breaking point. Now it is about survival.

How about this: if you are surrounded by a_holes, time to move out of the toilet


Words of wisdom from a wise man


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i think if its in such close proximity the birds shitting on his clothes and face would be hard to avoid.

Actually, getting rid of the birds in non lethal and permanent ways would also spoil the fun of his neighbors. I would still put up a wall/fence/whatever for privacy issues, uglier on their side, of course. Goth painting on this Ghost Month would do just fine.

i just hope he can find a solution to those birds crapping on his face!

The OP isn’t learning from what he has observed.

Fact: the neighbors put up a camera. Fact: multiple authorities told the neighbors to take it down. What did the neighbors do? Tell all of them “No, we won’t take it down”? Of course not. The neighbors simply quietly failed to do what was asked.

Yet when the police tell the OP to take his camera down, he lashes back at them saying “No, I won’t”. They’ve now lost face, besides being dragged into a situation that might require actual work. Two points against the OP in their book.

“Oh, as soon as I can, sure.”
“I’ll do my best.”
“I meant to do that, but there were issues with my aged parents that required my attention as a filial child.”

Blind the camera, block the camera, but don’t destroy the camera. And tread gently if you live on a rooftop. Next thing you know someone pulls strings and your apartment’s being demolished. Erm, as soon as the landlord can, I mean. Who knows.


Looks like they love to sue neighbors in Taiwan. I never heard this kind of sitiation in my country. There are so “fragil” in Taiwan.

Crap in the hallway is a fire hazard. I wish my neighbors had a shoe rack that small. They have a giant cabinet on one entry wall then another waist high rack filled with smelly shoes. I finally convinced them to get rid of the waist high rack that was by my door by knocking on their door with my laundry basket and announcing “I’m here to wash the shoes!” We’re on good terms now as I followed up with a small gift and a smile.


They couldn’t peep!

There are people who do this professionally. They live off suing others. The community here identifies quickly and tries their best to warn other to stir clear.


There was one person a lawyer told me that often sues his entire buildings neighbours for one thing after another

So they all banded together and sued him for harassment. Wasn’t told the outcome.

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Probably the neighbors want to defend themself preventing aggressions that may arrive from the upper side of the building.
This make sense at cameras and cctv. They want to be sure nobody use the window like a troyan horse or an easy way to invade their property.
Is not racism matter. Being on a foreign country means to be guests, so better to get used to local culture and habits.
Id rather ask and pay a lawyer before to do something wrong and If i get bullied by local assholes i preferit to move to another apartment.

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I have a few issues with this.

However, it could be that the neighbours have had an issue with a, possibly, illegal building next to them for a while and the OP has got caught up in it.

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If you read above you would see in one of my replies that I have taken two semesters of Chinese and many one-on-one courses. I’ve been using my limited Chinese all day today getting ready to move. I never wore this situation like a trophy, you just didn’t read the entire thread like most of the other people here making assumptions. I just can’t speak fluently.

Unlike many foreigners that come to Taiwan on their parent’s dime, my parents have never given me a single dollar in my life. Not for college, not for anything. I really hate this “No bread?? Well, let them eat cake!” attitude towards this. You don’t know my situation. You don’t know where I grew up. You don’t know my gender or how old I am. Or what I need to do on a daily basis to pay off my debts. You don’t know my financial situation.

Again, I can speak limited Chinese, but I don’t speak fluently.