Dispute with neighbors -- I think the police are biased against foreigners

I don’t know about the requirements in the US but our permanent residence scheme in Canada does have English/French language requirements.
Language requirements are waived if you are old and sponsored for family reasons.
Taiwan’s pretty cool for letting a lot of people become permanent residents without officially requiring very much integration. It seems like they just leave us alone. Stay here 5 years, pay the fee and bing bang boom done.

That was me. You’re right. There is xenophobia here. Not going to dispute that. There is xenophobia everywhere. Sometimes you just gotta pick the battles to win the war. That doesn’t come from committing a crime, even if they are wrong. I agree this sounds like they were doing a terrible thing to you and I would have been unhappy with it too. Their camera, despite not being on their property, is STILL their property.


So the police have the evidence of from their video camera, but didn’t file any charge against them. So you say absolutely, but they didn’t do that.

The camera was their property and it was THEIR rooftop.

I don’t know. How badly did you break the camera and how long does it retain images?

America does not have a language requirement for holding a green card. And I would suspect other countries as well.

So if they put a camera in a toilet when you were sitting on it. And you destroyed the camera, then you should be charged? And not the person who put it there? Am I correct in your thinking?

It’s possible that the camera is connected to recording equipment.

I am not allowed to post again for 24 hours. But to everyone who is still talking about this language thing. I never barked at anyone in English. In fact, I use Chinese to start my conversation and ask if they know English. Unless I know the person speaks English. It’s very difficult to explain details in Chinese for me.

Marco this isn’t a new country to me. I’ve lived here for 10 years and can speak basic Chinese. And I’m not a guest, I have an APRC. Yes BOTH America and Taiwan require you to learn the local language (English or Chinese) to be naturalized. It is not required for permanent residents of Taiwan (APRC) or the US (Green Card) to speak the local language (English or Chinese). I think the difference is that if you are not originally from America, you can always be considered “American” if you have lived there long enough. But here, I feel like even if you become naturalized and learn Chinese fluently, then you will still always be 外國人.

You all are making assumptions that are not correct and ignoring the fact that these people have used racist words at me calling me laowai and telling me to leave Taiwan in English. Everyone also is making the assumption that I should adjust my behavior when all I want to do is just go home and be left alone and not harassed. People should feel safe in their own home.

Why am I being attacked for this? Many of you probably live in the middle of Taipei where neighbors are more open minded or are used to seeing foreigners more often. My neighbors are hardly innocent!! In front of my landlords they were calling me names etc. And always provoking me.

My landlords are awesome and on my side in this situation. And they have seen the way these people behave toward me. They came with me to the police station to try to explain to the police. But yeah, if it’s not on video or recorded then it didn’t happen. However, them filming my bedroom window intentionally IS recorded and the police do have this evidence, but they did not act on it.

I mentioned I have some mental health issues because of this harassment for nearly 2 years. Yes, I should have moved out. But that doesn’t change the situation I’m in right now. And I didn’t feel like I should have to move for someone else’s intolerance.

I actually don’t hate Taiwan, I am just blowing off steam. But I am so tired of many things right now. Because I’m having frequent panic attacks and depression. It has been causing me to just question why I ever wanted to be here in the first place. I am introverted and struggle with many things here. Actually I have diagnosis, but don’t want to share. And when I first posted I think I am/was just angry. I feel just so angry with everything right now.

I tried to offer to pay for their camera and move out, but they did not agree to that. They don’t answer their phone for my lawyer. I think my lawyer is tired of this too because the case was filed a long while ago. Prosecutor hasn’t acted and I’ve been waiting like this forever (almost 2 months). I hate having to be here everyday, I want to move out, but it would be part of my settlement. So I’m stuck here living in constant anxiety.


Don’t unzip your pants and bug cops until you get one to help!

You’re right. US doesn’t have a language requirement for permanent residence. I learned something new today. HOWEVER… if you’re inconveniencing innocent third-party locals in a new country where you’re the guest, especially by forcing them to speak your language, whatever the situation… I can’t imagine that wins many friends. I certainly believe in everyone’s right to speak their language anywhere they want to, but it’s better with willing participants. That’s why I buckled up and learned fulltime first before doing ANYTHING in Taiwan that would result in having people look at me and think ‘Oh shit, I don’t know English and don’t know what to do’. It’s probably less xenophobia from the police and more they don’t want to problem solve because dealing with someone who doesn’t know the language at least somewhat competently sounds like a miserable time for them.

just if you had posted before you broke the camera, you would have got this great advice.


Or to get some curtains


Let’s move on from what could have or should have happened.

What’s the OP looking at for damaging a neighbour’s property? Does anyone know?

How come? He doesn’t particularly seem to be looking for answers about that.

It’s about to hit him or her big time if the situation goes legal.

You mind linking to that, or PM me if you’ve got time.

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