Dissent: the topic that never loses its relevance



ah, so-desu. That’s why I don’t know it. Don’t have any SM, except for maybe this forum.


What if your particular view is not to have a particular view?

That may sound like a joke (and actually be a paradox), but neutrality is a thing, and it’s a valuable thing because it allows a greater degree of objectivity.

(I don’t hold myself up as a paragon of neutrality btw.)

First of all, I don’t know why you keep hating on these guys:


As for honest discussions, I repeat, neutrality is a thing.

Suppose you have a chess set. Some people just want to play the game, and that in itself is fine. Others want to discuss how the game could go, if you moved this piece over here instead of there, and so on. That’s not the same as actually playing; it’s just hypothetical, a kind of exploration of possibilities. Anyone present can learn from that and later play the game with greater skill.

Still others find standard chess a bit boring and would rather explore the possibilities of 3D chess, puzzles that use 2D chess rules but with different pieces, or other variations on the concept of chess.

If you walk into the room saying you just want to play a standard game, but then you don’t, it’s perfectly reasonable for people to be disappointed with you.

If on the other hand you say you want to explore possibilities, that’s different. :2cents:


Pretty sure this joint qualifies as anti- social media…


Sometimes it feels like the other kind of SM.

I mean, um, what I’ve heard the other kind feels like… :whistle:


Realistically, what kind of a total friggin corn flake would repeatedly and consistently post up on a discussion forum to posit that they had no opinion on the subject?
This would count, I think, as a clear indicator that the poster in question had never gotten their ass kicked sufficiently IRL.
Favourite (real) quote from a dear old friend

You’ve never had the shit beat out of you, have you? 'Cause I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t talk to people the way you do if you had.


Like I was saying in the post right before yours… :whistle:


I don’t fully agree. Schadenfreude makes people happy, and what’s wrong with being happy? :upside_down_face:


Well, so does stealing pizza and punching people who are boring.
But they’re hardly conducive to a functional society.
As the quote says, the result is that we all become devils.
I’d say that devils are generally “happy”.

But they’re still devils.


Everyone has a diabolical side. :yin_yang:


Yeah, right. :whistle:

IIRC, you knew the term “Roman Shower”, the meaning of which I had to infer from context.

God only knows what you extraterrestrial cephalopods get up to in your free time.


Oh please! Every Rigellian knows about that one. It’s part of the “Earth Culture 101” video they make us watch on the ship, before we even set tentacle on your little blue rock. :flying_saucer: