Distance from Tong Shan to downtown Tainan?

Hi all-

Does anyone know the distance from Tong Shan
in Tainan County to downtown Tainan? How expensive of a cab ride would it be?



According to my map, it’s 48 kilometers from downtown Tainan City to the town of Dong1 Shan1, which is in Dong1 Shan1 Xian4. But Dong1 Shan1 Xian4 is huge, so if you mean somewhere else in Dong1 Shan1 Xian4, it could be up to 12 more kilometers.

I think it would cost a fortune to take a taxi that far, but I notice that the Xin1 Ying2 train station is right near the western border of Dong1 Shan1 Xian4, so it would be much cheaper to just take a taxi to Xin1 Ying2, and then take a train from Xin1 Ying2 to Tainan.

The taxi meters in Taiwan are like this: In Taibei, Taizhong, and Gaoxiong, the taxi fare is 75 NT + 5 NT per each 0.25 km. Everywhere else, it’s 100 NT + 5 NT per each 0.3 km. But I’m not sure which pricing method is used in Tainan. Since Tainan is the fourth largest city in Taiwan, it might be the same system as Taibei, Taizhong, and Gaoxiong.

There is also a charge for “wait time” (time spent stopped at traffic lights and in traffic jams), but I’m not sure how much it is.

However, if you take a taxi long distance, the driver usually doesn’t use the meter unless you insist. Instead, he/she makes you an offer, and you can negotiate the price. But I’ve noticed that usually the price they offer is about the same as if they used the meter. And if you think the price sounds too high, you can always say you will only take his/her taxi if he uses the meter: “Ru2 guo3 ni3 bu2 hui4 tiao4 biao3, wo3 jiu4 bu2 hui4 zuo4 che1.”