Distemper Moral Code

Distemper can not be cured and it takes the lives of a good percentages dogs who are unfortunate enough to come into contact with this virus. Some dogs however develop proper immunity and they can live a normal life.

The virus spreads mostly through feces and saliva. It’s air-born and also highly contagious. Although not harmful to humans,(asymptomatic) the disease can be contracted by people who do not have basic vaccinations for Measles, etc.

Now here’s the concern. Can I let kids pet my dog? Can I let anyone pet my dog or come to my house without a disclaimer of some sort?

The other other concern is for the other dogs. Picking up the poop goes without saying but what if stray dogs want to sniff out my dog when we’re out for a walk? Should I avoid any contact with other dogs?


CDV Transmission
Infected dogs shed the virus through bodily secretions and excretions, especially respiratory secretions. The primary mode of transmission is airborne viral particles that dogs breathe in. Dogs in recovery may continue to shed the virus for several weeks after symptoms disappear, but they no longer shed the virus once they are fully recovered.

I feel like an idiot now. I did goodle this quite a bit but I never found any specific info like this. :blush: Maybe this thread can be merged with the other distemper thread now? (Apologies to the mods)

Thank you so much for the post, I seriously just made my day. :notworthy:

Lucky hasn’t had symptoms for about two months now. Even his roughened elbows are growing fur now. You would never tell that he was sick. I will post before and after pictures when I get a chance, I have yet to post the less pleasant pics shot just after he was shaved. I’ve been meaning to film him some more too to show everyone who’s helped him on Forumosa. More later…

And how are your dogs SoulDragoN? Are they recovering?