Distilled Water for Sale?

Does anyone know where I can buy a bottle of distilled water in Taipei? I haven’t seen it anywhere. I needed it for a medical purposes.

Pchome has it


The stores near main station that sell supplies for soap or chemicals usually have it as well. Sorry I don’t have a link for that right now. If I find it I will post it.

Found it. Saw it at this store about a month ago 城乙化工原料有限公司(太原旗艦店)

I heard pharmacies also have it, but can’t confirm that.

Pharmacies sell it in water bottles. Watsons for sure.

Green bottle.

You can buy a water distiller from Pchome, I make my own distilled water for drinking.

Just know if you buy it from chemical stores they’re very expensive. If you need large amount of it buy it in as big of a bottle as possible, I seen some neighborhood water filling station that claims to sell RO water. I think RO water is distilled.

Thank you SO much! This is perfect!!!

My neighborhood pharmacies didn’t have it, so this is wonderful. I can just have it delivered.

Thank you!

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I’ll check it out. Thanks.

Check the Watsons fridge. They have the distilled water bottles in there. Blue is mineral water and green is fully distilled if you just need a bit. If you need a lot then the distiller machine would be best.

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