Dive Lounge Cafe in Taichung

The Dive lounge cafe offers happy hour all the time…most drinks are 100nt, including some bottled beer, highballs and special coffees. make it a double for 150nt or a triple for 200nt or a quad…you get the idea. As well we have wings to enjoy with those beer.

Friday and Saturday nights are started off with NHL hockey and then an eclectic mix of breakbeats, indie rock, hip hop, house and even the odd country song, well maybe not.

We are also showing NHL hockey 4 nights a week, focusing on the Canadiens, Leafs, Oilers, Flames and Canucks…

also for a short time come and watch the WJHL world junior hockey games… Jan 4th is showing the Canada vs. USA game and future games to come.

During NHL playoff we’ll be showing 2-3 games a day…so come get your playoff fix here.

We keep all the games on file too so if you wanna see an old game…mondays are DIY pick your own NHL games to watch. First comes first chooses.

If there is another sport or show you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to ask… we have lots of your favorites shows from back home on file too…

2 Questions:

What are your hours?

Where are you located?


Having lived in Taichung for some years and supported a number of different watering holes, I can recommend The Dive as a fine place to gather for drinks, sports, tunes and general good times.

They offer the same drinks as any other bar (plus the infamous slushy drinks and Bellinis) except cheaper; POUTINE! ('nuff said); wings and other delicious munchies; good tunes (which can be altered by request - bring along your favorite CD if you want); they’re located in the heart of downtown, so taking a stroll elsewhere for a change of pace is easily done, and the owner of the place is an exceptionally decent, welcoming sort. Also, a resident dog - very charming little fella.

What more do you want?

Address please :slight_smile: This place sounds cool!

From Gung Yi Rd. walk north towards Taichunggang Rd. along Hua Mei W. St. (parallel to the canal). The Dive is on the corner at the second intersection.

Are the all-night benders still happening at the Dive?

That’s what it became (in)famous for.

Kinda enjoyed them, but I’m getting too old to go all night these days…


He didn’t ruin anything for me.

I have heard good things about the Dive burger. $100 NT for a real grilled burger, sounds pretty darn good. I am just not sure of the hours. Which days is the Dive open for dinner?