Diving at Turtle Island?

Has anyone done any diving at Turtle Island ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guishan_Island )?

In fact…is this possible?

The write-up about the marine life there sounds quite exciting ( necoast-nsa.gov.tw/user/arti … o=03000093 ).

I already contacted the NorhtEast Coast… admin office, and they replied that they do not know of any dive boat operators there.

They ALSO did NOT say it is not allowed. They even gave me a number to try (will do so tomorrow and post updates if any).

Hmm: marine fumaroles. interesting sea floor there apparently.

Yeah, they appear to be around the south part of the island, and the harbor is at the north.

That’s why I am asking if anyone has actually dived (dove) there, without getting into ‘hot water.’

Nope, not me. Just saw a TV thing on Discovery or something about the fumaroles. Looked cool. well, really HOT, but you know what i mean.

It’s been dove on, and there are yearly trips, albeit not many, that make the trip. The vents are a primary attraction, and are worth exploring. The rest really depends on visibility, which ranges from shit to 15meters max. This time of year is pretty cold, and the NE trades make the trip too rough to consider until temps warm and the wind shifts out of the SW.

If we have enough interested people there is no reason we couldn’t organize a boat dive out there.

Great, yup…as soon as the dive season starts properly it would be great to do some dives there

OK…Hubby did some searching on Google and found a dive operator in Ilan who runs trips to the Turtle Island: lanyangnet.com.tw/east-earth/html/link2.htm

Also a blog review here: wretch.cc/blog/momochiang/21261373

Review is a bit mixed: Complaints about it being all rock, but happy because there were many ‘big fish’ (does not specify what type of 'fish:-)