Diving Camera - Where?!

Where can I buy an underwater (diving) camera?
It must have a very strong flash or be able to attach one.

So camera guys where are they at?

I think I saw one on Bo-Ai road somewhere a long time ago. Big funny looking yellow thing I think.

There is a store in Taichung that has a diving enclosure for Sony Cybershot digital cameras. Rated to 40m. You can open the enclosure and take out the camera for normal use. The cybershot has a pretty strong flash but it is a small unit and you might need an external light. He can also order special equipment but really only deals in digital cameras. His prices are excellent; I saved 7000 NT on my video cam there.

It’s on the north side of the little river just north of the train station, just on the west end of the road. I think it’s #65. His phone number is 04-2259566.

I highly recommend this guy as he was knowlegeable, pleasant, his prices were great and he carried absolutely no junk equipment.

I used the cybershot underwater with excellent results, taking pictures and underwater movies. This camera is just fantastic. I think the newest model is the DSC P9

That phone number should be 04-22259566.

And to clarify, this underwater setup has no external flash attachment. The internal flash is sufficient to take clear pictures across a dark, smoky KTV room, I’m not sure how it would fare underwater.

I second (third?) the recommendation for the Sony P9 and underwater case. When diving in Palau, a boatmate had this camera and sent me a cd of the 700 pics and movies he took underwater. They are quite good. Granted the quality of pictures is not at a professional level - but if you just want to take pics. for personal use and printing then they are more than fine. The lighting didn’t seem to be a problem in most of the pictures using the regular flash.

If you want to see some samples - I would be happy to e-mail you some. I have lots of good sharks and clownfish and stuff. A creepy video of jellyfish lake too!

However, I was told by a professional camera guy that the best digital camera for underwater use is an olympus, as an olympus has less “noise” in the dark spots than a sony. Then again - he was an olympus dealer…

I’ve seen the cases for the Sony P series in Hong Kong and am always going to buy one ‘next time’ for my P3. I’ll be there again in the next few weeks and might actually take the plunge this time.

PM me your mobile number and I’ll txt you the best price I can find. Can pick one up for you if you like.

I’m planning on getting the Canon Powershot S50, which you can get a waterproof (100 ft) case for. It has good reviews, but I don’t have any personal experience with it, and the flash probably isn’t very strong. Here’s a review:
dcresource.com/reviews/canon … ndex.shtml

Aren’t there external flash units available which use a photosensor to trigger off the light from the main flash? No cable connection necessary then.

I remember reading about something like that for defeating photoradar boxes in the UK. I think the guy used off-the-shelf units and just put them on his dashboard.

Update here.