Divorce in Taiwan as a foreigner

Can i file a divorce in taiwan,im married in philippines and im a filipina

First of all:
Divorce in Taiwan can only go through if both parties consent to it!

Otherwise you have to prove certain conditions that the marriage needs to be resolved unilaterally. Which can take a long time and you might be better off divorcing in Philippines.

Besides that, your marriage certificate needs to be authenticated since the marriage was registered outside of Taiwan. If the divorce has been concluded in Taiwan you still have to send relevant documents to Philippines for the marriage to be resolved in there too. Otherwise you might not be able to remarry since you have to provide proof from your home country that you are not married.

All in all you are probably better off going to Philippines to process the divorce.

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Ah no actually. You see, divorce is illegal in the Philippines.


Oh my god I never knew this. How twisted.


The Vatican and The Philippines. The only two countries without divorce.
There are something called ‘annulments’ though, don’t know how useful they are.

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Hopefully it is fixed soon:

As of March 20, 2018, a bill allowing divorce has passed its 3rd and final stage, soon to be allowing divorce in the Philippines.

It’s not illegal. It was never part of the law to begin with.

Dual-citizen Filipinos can get divorced in the US. There’s a thing called annulment which is like it never happened. So technically, you go back to being single. It’s more expensive and difficult to get because you need to prove incapacity for being married.

It’s not twisted. It’s all religious. Religiously horrific.

Wow, that’s grim.

Incapacity for being married should be easy enough to prove. …Who is even capable of being married? Even the most ‘normal’ people I know struggle with it.

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