[Divorce] Is polygamy allowed in Taiwan?

… when my TWN wife is too lazy to clean, she usually comes up with this 2nd wife theme. As she also believes in ghosts, thinks the TV is posessed and does hardly know anything about life besides computer hardware, I am not sure if she is just blubbering or such thing is possible.

Anyone knows?

At least too much trouble, even one TWN wife is enough :noway:

Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same.

Seriously, I wonder how Taiwan would address the issue of a polygamous marriage legally entered into in a Muslim country (or Singapore, for that matter, which allows it for Muslims).

We often hear of ROC citizens who have taken a second wife, either here (because they were soldiers) or in Guangzhou (because they are businessmen). Apparently they get away with it, at least from the point of view of their governments, because the ROC and PRC do not recognize one another’s records such as marriage certificates.

Taiwan’s Council of Grand Justices addressed this issue as follows:

Item 2 of Article 988 of the ROC Civil Code stipulates that a bigamic marriage is void. This stipulation seeks to maintain the one husband-one wife system social order. Under general circumstances, this stipulation does not conflict with the Constitution. However, where, a person

Yes, you can have more than one wife in Taiwan, but it comes down to a few important things.

  1. Do they know about each other and respect that you should have other wives?

  2. Habitation situation- Are they willing to live together peacefully or do the need their own domiciles?

  3. Cost- Do you have to support them or are they working and willing to earn their keep?

  4. Sex- How often do they need a good shagging and will they take turns or work on each other to give you a break?

If you can work out the above points I see little reason to have a problem with multiple marriages. I would go with the excuse that a ghost told you to do it or that it is part of your faith. Young and dumb or old(30-40) and desperate offer the best chance of success.


I believe you are using the word “wife” in a somewhat broader sense–out of politness, no doubt!

I do recall reading about a Taoist master who was found to be living with about a dozen women at once, as the cock-of-the-walk, so to speak. Nice work if you can get it…