Divorce issue

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thanks in advance, if u can help.

we have a wonderful instructor who married to an American in Hawaii back in 1994 in the cort house. then she back to Taiwan alone in 1998 and never seen/talked her husband anymore. he is living in the U.S at present. about 8 years ago, the man called her family in taiwan asked for his birthday gift and told them he will not agree to get divoice with her no matter what… :smiling_imp:

our teacher is Taiwaness and did not apply for an U.S passport nor citizenship. they had wedding banquet here in Taiwan but not registered marriage in Taiwan.

it has been about 8 to 10 years now, and she is very busy for her job every day. also accroding to her , so called LAZYNESS, she has no time or intention to get in contact with the man she married before.

so here is the question : what is the way for her to divoice the man she married before?

she is a very nice and charmy lady, all our friends just wish she could date again and be able to marry to a right guy when she need to .

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Why doesn’t she seek a divorce in Hawaii?

Here is how:

Thank you Mr.Tigerman

believe it or not, I actually went to family court for her when I visit Haiwaii last time…they told me she has to do it in Taiwan , as both of them no longer live in Hawaii more then years…shame of my poor English, that was all I can understand by the time.

Think our instructor wont be back to Hawaii and the guy is in San Francisco...my husband and I was trying to find some useful info on line, but too bad we cant found much…

am thinking, as it has been over years, is it possible 2 just report that guy missing in a marriage and to get the divoice done?

ROC Civil Code Article 1052 lists the following grounds for statutory divorce:

  1. Bigamy.
  2. Adultery.
  3. One spouse ill-treats the other so as to render living together intolerable.
  4. One spouse humiliates the linear ascendants of the other spouse such that living together becomes intolerable.
    5. One spouse deserts the other spouse in bad faith.
  5. One spouse has a loathsome incurable disease.
  6. One spouse has an incurable serious mental disease.
  7. One spouse has made an attempt to end the life of the other.
  8. One spouse is uncertain for a period in excess of three years as to whether the other spouse is alive or dead.
  9. One spouse has been sentenced to imprisonment for not less than three years.

Section II of the same Article also stipulates that one spouse may apply for a divorce upon the occurrence of a significant event, other than those set forth above, which makes maintenance of the marriage difficult.

Regarding reason no. 5 above… I am not certain whether this can be alleged as a ground for divorce, as the wife was the one who moved out (deserted) from the husband. In any event, you need to speak with a Taiwan lawyer.