Divorce + kids + ARC - The Perfect Storm!

Not so easy to get the APRC without the help of the wife, but possible yes. A few years back to get an APRC through marriage they sometimes insisted on joint interviews etc

You don’t need a wife to get an APRC.

Well…I’m dealing with a hillbilly branch of the NIA right now and they are demanding some ridiculous things that aren’t on the list of requirements that do involve requiring a wife’s cooperation. Unfair and not an actual requirement per the official checklist. I caught them in a lie when they tried to say that it was “a new requirement”. It’s not.

You can never rule out NIA officers trying to change rules or add new requirements from their own personal fiefdoms. I’m in the process of launching a complaint against this particular branch at the headquarters. Looks like a clear case of discrimination. I’ll give full details once things are resolved.


Not a solution I know, but you could temporarily rent a tiny room in Taipei, change your ARC address to there and then deal with the Taipei NIA staff instead, who are much more knowledgeable about the process. You can even change your ARC address with an Airbnb receipt, I have done it in the past.


That’s absurd. Report them for spreading lies.

You need 5 years of consecutive stay in Taiwan, with the relevant visa crap, to qualify.

Needing a wife is horseshit.

Perchance the jobsworth doesn’t understand the difference between an APRC and a JFRV.

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Really glad you can go APRC route instead. Remember the wife cannot force you to sign anything.

Moreover, if you go the kid route, you can’t apply afterwards for APRC and will be deported once kid hits 18. So don’t.

isn’t it possible if you clear the income requirement?

OP definitely should get his APRC before signing the divorce papers, though.

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I know someone fighting the system on that regard. Does not look good. They keep repeating: not possible.

APRC is best.

Really? That doesn’t make sense to me. Somebody has been on a JFRV, albeit through a child not a spouse, and has been earning enough but is somehow denied the chance of an APRC?

What reason was given with your friend? Is the JFRV somehow less valid because it was through a child?

If a JFRV is cancelled, your clock is reset. Your corresponding years make no difference towards your APRC. Taiwan’s shit visa laws.

That’s why you would be an utter dumbfuck to opt for a JFRV if you have an APRC in sight.


Yep, that once it was over -meaning when last kid was of age-, it couldn’t be extended or changed. Not even for nationality. It was over and out.

Unless you are SE Asian, they never check anyways.

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yup as I said it helps. :sunglasses:

A JFRV sponsored by a family member other than a spouse is different when it comes to getting an APRC? This is the first I’ve heard of this rule.

Anyone getting divorced should bear this in mind.

I’m clearly being thick here. Surely one would get an APRC before the JFRV is cancelled. So, before one’s child hits 18 one gets an APRC.

Or, is the rule that a child sponsored JFRV cannot be changed to an APRC?

Your friend didn’t change to an APRC before their last kid was of age, yeah?

They told her so.

She tried. They said no. She even tried nationality. They still said no. With job yeah.

when this happened? Recently?

Last time was a couple years ago.

Did your friend already leave here?

This is two years ago, so hopefully something is different now.

This is four years ago


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