Divorce lawyer needed, urgently, rated as excellent (pref by personal experience)

Hi although I can see a similar query here, the firms listed appear to either be out of date, superseded or no longer dealing with divorce.
As in the title, would prefer lawyer to be via personal or close trusted anecdotal experience etc
I have some specific queries which while not greatly complex, to go into them would disclose any anonymity to zero.
I’m not sure if it is typical, but I am gradually sensing some level of hubris and contempt in how my native taiwanese spouse is treating me. Part of this I feel is a I won’t know any better so they can treat me as bad as they like with no consequence.
I have no legal knowledge, so I don’t know, but to be able to live with myself, I don’t want my abiding memory of this, if indeed we do part ways finally, to be that I was aware I was being played, and conscious of the fact, didn’t lift a finger to protect myself, equal say to what I’d recommend for a close friend if I became aware they were in an analogous situation. I feel like giving concession to my own assassination wouldn’t be completely responsible.