[Divorce] My Marriage is perfect, but what it

For tax purposes among other things, my wife has all of the stocks, cash, cars, and the house in her name. She swears if anything ever happened she has promised me half. My question is, am I legally entitled to half as a foreigner married to a Taiwanese citizen, or would I have to draw up an ahem legally binding contract to protect myself. By the way, some of the assets are based in the USA and we have registered our marriage with the Taiwan authorities, AIT and the courthouse in my hometown back in the USA.

PS: Is it true that in Taiwan, normally the women don’t get anything just simply kicked out of the house and they don’t even get to keep the kids? So as the husband do I have those kinds of rights over my Taiwan wife, or are those rights only for Taiwan husbands?

Anyone have any insight into this?

Sorry Hobart, I can only help you on the second part of your question. I’m in the first category but since I’ve never had anything to speak of its not an issue.

The Women’s lobbying Group of the Legislative Yuan instigated some major changes to the laws covering divorce and who gets to keep the kids in 1996. Prior to that it was indeed straight to daddyo. Bummer for wives in violent families. I think there’s been more reforms since covering money and child support.

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You’re screwed.

I know that you live in Taiwan, and that your question is regarding Taiwanese law. But…

I can tell you that in the United States, if you get divorced, you’re looking at a court-ordered, complete change in your fatherly role and financial position. It depends on a number of factors, but U.S. law is heavily biased against men in these situations. You don’t usually get custody, only visitation rights, now matter how great a dad you were. And if you make more money than your wife, you’re screwed. If the assets are in her name, you get nothing, except for maybe the debts you accumulate together.

cover your ass

too late, don’t you think.
“Honey, about everything being in your name…”
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Hobart. Have you tried to do this? What was the result

I don’t know what you could do with the stocks, cars and house, but regarding cash you could try and find something in the US that will pay you high interest or something and suggest transfering cash there. But I’d guess you would have to be like a salesman with that one.
Or even a property in the US, and maybe if there is $$ coming in, she may decide to cash in some of those stocks.

And if you ever divorce, my guess is you will see nothing. I can’t comment on your marriage but imagine if someone told you what you posted, I think you’d think the same as the rest of us.

And I would open an account for yourself, or send funds back to a US account you probably still have, if there are any questions, you could say they are to cover any medical expenses or something when you go back, or it could be that high interest account you found…

Cover your arse, you don’t know what’s around the corner…

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We need a basic lesson in the current state of the economy, don’t we?

You guys forgot that I am doing this for tax purposes. Why would I open an account in the US? The US is the only country in the world that even if its citizens don’t live there you are still liable for taxes.

Also, my wife agreed to whatever contract I want.

Again, my questions was under Taiwan law “am I legally entitled to half as a foreigner [male] married to a Taiwanese citizen?”

Whatever the legal documents say . . . . . .

A little late for Hobart , and others, but for those contemplating marriage, in 2 words:

Pre-nuptial agreement

been there, done that

You’re screwed.[/quote]

Exactly the situation I had before… I got zip except my car cause it was in my name… but now I have a happy life and the ex is miserable… taking medical treatment and cant decide which country to live in… as for me… I live in Alishan where the life is stress free… cause I have more English TV than you can dream about… and a wonderful son and a new wife… and my ID Card… I dont lose nothing anymore

Now there you go, hobart, get a satellite dish and your worries will be over …

Hartzell or tigerman or whoever: to what degree are pre-nuptials covered/supported by ROC family law? What’s allowed/usual practice in this regard, where’s the border-line where the legal provisions “kick-in” if you allow this expression?