[Divorce] Waiting Period after Divorce


How long is the period of time that a foreign needs to wait between divorcing one Taiwanese woman and marrying another? What predictable complications should I expect when I reapply for ARC and National Insurance? How do they delete you from the “Hu Kou Ming Bu” orf your wife’s family?


My wife’s former marriage, and subsequent divorce, is still in the family book (divorce 16 years ago)


I am unaware of any requirement that you must wait for a specific amount of time between divorcing one woman and marrying another.

However, I will offer the following practical advice based on my experience over the years.

There is the consideration of an implied “extra marital affair” which needs to be taken into account. Ideally, your initial acquaintance with your “next wife” will have occurred after your first divorce. Otherwise, it would appear that you and your “next wife” have been amorously involved when you were still married to your first wife. Under Taiwan law, that is illegal. (The Taiwanese are very straightforward, and would indeed interpret amorous relations between a married man and another woman as “having sexual intercourse”. You would bear the burden of proof of establishing that you had never engaged in sexual intercourse with the woman, and that could be very difficult. Any witnesses whom your first wife could produce who could say