Divorcing naturalized citizen "without household registration" from a Taiwanese citizen

Yes I was listed as spouse but on her HHR. You do not need HHR after divorce and you cannot have one on TARC but you will get your own when your get HHR and ID card.

Foreign spouses are listed are listed on the persons HHR. We do not have our own HHR but are listed as the spouse. Non citizen children are not listed on the HHR.

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No one ever claimed that. Your mothers HHR also had your fathers name on it. Used to be back in the 90’s when I told people I have become a citizen here I was scoffed at for telling porky pies. People would say oh you mean your wife’s HHR. I would have to reply no I’m single and have my own HHR and ID card. The posters who replied and I do know the difference being listed on the HHR as a spouse and having one’s own HHR.

My son had an ARC as a dependent first as the child of a foreigner then later as the child of an ROC father. Being a single father has its benefits lol. He was not listed on my HHR just as you were not listed on your mothers HHR.

Nope, it doesn’t. He doesn’t live at that household.

Doesn’t matter. If he’s married to your mom and it’s registered in Taiwan, then he would be listed as her spouse on her HHR

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Hi, and thank you for your input…
I cant agree with you in the household registration since I and a few other members here have the same answer from our own experience… As a foreigner, not with Taiwanese lineage, you marry in Taiwan, then you will be registered in the household under your spouse…

that might be a factor… because one lady (from NIA) asked if I renounce my original citizenship, and I said no…
so, in your case, they have no right to not give you the citizenship while you are on NWOHR…
In my case, they my use it against me and say you still have your original citizenship,

my situation is a bit complicated, and with different answers from officers I can’t get a conclusive answer… I was given a phone number to call and confirm, but they don’t speak English at all, and my broken Chinese doesn’t help at all…

But your own experience is definitely helping me, and appreciate your inputs

Yeah my father is noted as a spouse just like on her ID, but he doesn’t have his own entry in the HHR.

And since he is noted even though he doesn’t live there, that means it is technically not even a household registration. It is literally just a note stating his name, his relationship with my mother, and no other info. Just like on the ID.

You wrote you were given an exemption to renounce due to hardship. I assume you have a document in writing stating you are no longer required to renounce. People have been denied citizenship on NWOHR, but due to criminal offences.

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Nobody claimed he has his own entry only that he is listed. When I wrote he had been listed you replied that he wasn’t as he didn’t live at that address. Now you say he is listed on the HHR as a spouse which is what we have said from the start.


that is correct, I received a document of ~ 5 pages showing that they investigated my situation and found that my country didn’t want to communicate with any Taiwanese delegation (due to relationship with China), so they concluded that it is difficult to renounce citizenship, and they can follow the condition (in article no. x in page number z) that I no longer need renunciation.

This would take me again to the question on whether the citizenship on NWOHR will be denied due to divorce, loosing custody (if I fight for it and loose it), and having original citizenship valid…
What do you think?
and thanks again

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You’re welcome. Sorry for making it confusing, so here is the short version:

  • Foreigners do not have household registration in Taiwan, either in their own household or in the household of their spouse

  • Foreigners may have their name printed as a spouse in the notes of a Taiwanese citizen’s household registration paper and ID card, but it doesn’t mean anything. They are still not part of that household (and therefore they are not technically part of that household registration), because maybe they live somewhere else. All it means is that the marriage has been recognized by the Taiwan government.

  • The main question you are asking is: You became a TARC holder through marriage and naturalization, right? So if you get divorced, will you lose your TARC? My guess is no, because TARC is kind of like permanent residency for a NWOHR. Let’s say someone gets a USA Green Card through their spouse, and then gets divorced. They do not lose the Green Card, right? I could be wrong, so you’d better let @Satellite_TV answer this.

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NO these things will not affect your naturalization as you already met the requirements when you applied. Changing things like being married at application time and not being married when getting HHRO and ID card not an issue. I also had a son and joint custody.
Courts here now rarely give sole custody to one parent. Shared custody is normal.

However one friend court gave daughter to the mother and son to the father as sole custody to each parent.


OK you are correct. Divorce does not affect the naturalization.


how to do when you get divorced after naturalization and before application for your hhr is given on the instruction for naturalization. you just need to follow it.

not really. if someone got TARC through a marriage then gets divorced, may lose the TARC if there is no other way to keep it. OP’s TARC is through naturalization, so is not affected by divorce.


thank you, i read this before, it doesnt give conclusive answer, but it keeps me feeling positive

your naturalization is already done. unless you lied and there are some requirements that were actually not met when you naturalized, your naturalization may not be canceled due to things you do after naturalization was completed.

divorce after naturalization might let them doubt if your marriage are a fake one, but when you have a child, it is very unlikeky.


I never had put into question my naturalization after I registered the divorce once I had my TARC. The only thing was MOI mentioned well you were married when you renounced your foreign citizenship. My reply was well now I’m not so what of it? Nada Nil Zip Nothing

When MOI sent the registered letter to the HHRO and myself to go and get my HHRO and ID card one of the staff commented firstly that hello we don’t service foreigners here. I gave her my name and MOI letter and she was your Chinese name is very " Chinese "

Then, Oh I see you are single? I asked her if she was asking me for a date? The staff in the HHRO had a good chuckle. Not the reply she was expecting lol

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Hello again Mr. Satellite_TV, and every one who interacted in this thread…

I got additional information from a FB post I made a few days ago… someone with a similar situation like mine said that I would loose my work permit right after I sign the divorce docs.
It seems that it is all related to whether the NWOHR renounces his original citizenship or not.
While you and that person assured that I won’t loose my TARC (you renounce, and he probably didn’t renounce his citizenship), some threads about TARC in the website indicated that open work permit (OWP) won’t be lost if you keep child custody (at least split the custody equally between the couple)

I’d like to know from you about this point “loosing the OPW” upon divorce if TARC is marriage-based
BTW, mine TARC (reason is A372), the third digits of the ID number is 7 (7 indicates national without household R), it mentions the name of the spouse, and that I have OPW.

Thank you

thank you…


Article 25 of Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals says

A person who has acquired nationality of the State by naturalization but has not established household registration in the State, and who enters the State as holder of an ROC passport to engage in professional work or seek employment, is exempted from applying for a work permit.

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