Dizziness Problem

[Original Subject: dizziness]

my wife for a week now has been complaining of dizziness/lightness/tightness in the head. can anyone recommend a specialist? have been to an eye doctor and ent specialist and we are at a bit of a loss where to go. next step seems to be the nervous system specialist but don’t know a good one. thanks for any help

Um, would this fall under the category of anemia? Or frequently Taiwanese call it “pin xue” (

thanks, this was ruled out.

hey, i’m from ny myself. quick and cheap is right, nice when you find a good doctor but damn it, the quality does seem to vary :slight_smile:


So if you provide more details, maybe I can ask my aunt. She’s a registered nurse in Taipei.


hmm …possible ear infection?

…could it be a reaction to the heat?

Some Taiwanese friends have complained about similar problems, and put it down to the recent hot weather.

No point mucking around trying to guess what it is as dizziness could be a symptom of virtually anything. Best to get it checked out. I wouldn’t rule out ENT, or the heat for that matter, but you’d need to endure a battery of other tests before you come back to it. As a rule, hospital emergency units go from most serious to least in ruling out possibilities while GPs tend to go from least worriesome up.


High blood sugar


lol, no that wasn’t it. thanks all, it seems it was just… dizziness. she’s been feeling a lot better lately.

good to hear that…
could have been just stress, you never know.