Dj shadow - 3/29, room 18

for those who’re in the know: dj shadow’s coming to taipei this saturday to room 18.

for those not in the know: check out some of the beats at his website: CLICK HERE

Where is Room 18? ?? Taipei?

How much? etc etc

Does anyone have any more information about this? How much are tickets? Can we buy tickets in advance?

This is great news.

See you all there.

Your post is like a deja vu. Something familiar about that black cat!

Didn’t mean any disrepect, Stevieboy.

Just really surprised–and excited–that DJ Shadow is coming to Taipei, and I wanted to learn some more about it. If you pick up any details, please let me know.

But, to be honest, there will be probably be an article by Dave Momphard about this in tomorrow’s Taipei Times. He usually writes something about all of the DJs who visit.

Maybe I’ll see you at the show.

yo, i’ll put up a post tomorrow with more info: i’ve the flyer, but there’s no info about ticket prices and such…

yeah, i was surprised too. apparently he’s going through hong kong first though, so maybe SARS will take him out. it’d be our luck (and a tragedy…)


Hey guys,
Where exactly IS Room 18?
Which MRT stop?

thanks for help, I’ll see you there

Room 18 is in the basement at Warner Village, on the NE corner of the West building

Thanks Matthew…I assume “Warner Village” is an MRT stop right?
Anyways, if anyone out there is friends with the promoters in Taipei… I’d love to arrange Jelo from Toronto to come here and shake sh~t up!

Warner Village is a Cinema, closest MRT is Taipei City Hall, but it’s not very close.

Room 18
18, SongShou Rd., B1
(inside Warner Village complex)
Tel: (02) 2345-2778

Here’s the address that I just copied from a website. In future, if you don’t know the address of a place, you can try doing a web search. Surprisingly enough you can actually find info and addresses for most places and events on the net.
It’s quite a walk from the Taipei City Hall MRT station, but not impossibly far.

Great show last night. A nice mix of tracks from Entroducing, Pre-emptive, Unkle, and the Private Press.

Favorite moment: Shadow playing around with “Organ Donor.”

A visit by DJ Shadow, “just your favorite DJ savior”–just made my spring here in Taipei.