DJ Sonar vs. The Shouter

So we just got back from the second day of the jazz festival here in Taichung. We were kinda late arriving, and when we got there the final act of the day was just starting - a guy called DJ Sonar. He was good. Really good. I’d have been more than happy to sit there for an hour or two and just listen, with beers and friends.

Except …

About fifteen minutes after he started, a woman got up on stage with a microphone, and started shouting over him. Loudly. Nasally. Inanely and continuously. First it was announcements, which I guess I could live with, except that she was drowning out the actual performance.

Then she taught the crowd how to put up their hands. At three hundred decibels. “YOU SHOU!! YOU SHOU YOU SHOU YOU SHOU YOU SHOU YOU SHOU YOU SHOU!! ZUO SHOU!! ZUO SHOU ZUO SHOU ZUO SHOU!! YOU SHOU! ZUO SHOU! YOU SHOU! ZUO SHOU!!!”.

Then it was a dance competition, which would have been amusing (sixty year old betelnut chewing guys shaking their stuff to a crowd) if she had had the grace to shut the hell up for five seconds. She didn’t. For fifteen minutes.

Through all this DJ Sonar was still playing, but no-one could hear him any more.

After that she apparently ran out of script, but not to be deterred, started randomly screaming “SONAR SONAR SONARRR!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!! YO! YOU! OHH YEAAHH!! SONAAAAAAR!”.

About forty minutes after the DJ got on stage, we left. She was still shouting, and showed no sign of stopping.

What the F, uh, what the HECK? Why was she doing it? Do the organisers think Taiwanese people can’t just listen to music and enjoy it? Do they have to teach us how to have fun? Turn it into a kindergarten class? Explain to us that someone is playing music to us, again and again and again? Why would the organisers, who are apparently foreigners with a clue, allow this? How does it happen?

Anyway, yesterday was great, but tonight I’m just angry and disappointed.