DMV in Taichung?

Does anyone where the DMV is in Taichung? I need to get a proper drivers’ licence. This cat and mouse game with the cops is geting old.


It is on You Yuan Rd., which is already Taichung county. If you drive Zhong Gang Rd. from the city to the harbor, you will pass Tonghai University (its on your left). From there, the road will ascend. Climb it to the top, shortly after you drove through a foot bridge. At the road’s highest place, there should be a traffic light, with a 7-11 on the right and a Yamaha music instruments store on the left of Zhong Gang Rd. Go on to the next traffic light a few meters on (now there should be a “Family” convenience store on the other, left side) and turn left. That road is You Yuan Rd. and the DMV is the last buiding (actually a whole complex) on the left side (you can’t miss it, but it is some way) before you finally climb Da Du Shan.
After a hopefully successful exam, you can drive that road on to the top of Da Du Shan to have a very nice view of Taichung. (If you don’t know the DMV, you probably don’t know that place either…)

Not to diz dl7und, but the offices are quite a way past the top of Tunghai, a few kilometers. Go past the McD’s, to the top of the industrial estate, another few k, and when the houses start to thin out, there it is, on the left, ugly government edifice.
The staff can be quite helpful, usually, if let you them.