DNA Test (for child of local + foreign couple)

Hello may i ask for everyone knows.i give birth a child december 7 2020 in taiwan the father is taiwanese and the father and i is not maried because of covid i cannot go home to my country. is that true
DNA TEST Is required for the baby in taiwan for unmaried parent .foreigner and taiwanese

If it true that you can’t go home to your country? What country?

DNA TEST Is required for the baby in taiwan for unmaried parent .foreigner and taiwanese

Is this a question? I don’t remember hearing anything about this.

Is the father’s name on your baby’s birth certificate from hospital?

PHILLIPPINES. I mean here in taiwan DNA test is required if the parents is maried less than 10 months

Only my name write in my child birth certificate

Not true. We weren’t officially married until a couple of months before the birth of our daughter due to issues getting the right documents, but no DNA test was required as we were married when the actual birth took place.

In Chinese


生母受胎期間婚姻狀況證明取得困難或生母行蹤不明無法確認受胎期間婚姻狀況,如經查明生父對未成年子女確具撫育事實且親子關係無誤(如DNA 親子血緣鑑定、確認親子關係存在之訴等證明),得先行受理出生及認領登記。



You may need DNA test for your baby to be acknowledged by father, then.

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If the name of the father write in the birth certificate.still needed for the registration?

If you cannot get a single certificate at the time of your pregnancy from Philippines, it seems your baby still needs the test.

Now My singleness certificate is still processing to translate chinese.before i give my singleness certificate but they said need english and chinese.

I’ve heard if parents are not married, hospitals in Taiwan often, if not always, don’t put father’s name on birth certificate.

You may contact MECO for help, or get some advice from fellow Filipino in Taiwan. God bless.

about acknowledgement