Do any foreigners have experience getting a reverse mortgage?

How are the rates like? Is guarantor still required in most cases? Any success stories with certain banks?

i dont think its a popular product here, I know it exists but have never met anyone doing it.
im not so clear why there should be a guarantor for this, if anything, the bank should guarantee they wont default on their payments, not the property owner.

So we can finally demand banks to produce their shenfenzheng or be asked to provide a Taiwanese guarantor?

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Now that would be an interesting plot twist, wouldn’t it?

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If they are lending to a foreigner they must provide a foreign guarantor.

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oooh I like your thinking.


Never really understoodthe benefit to the lender in these things. Unless it was a government related thing. What’s their benefit, considering the risk they take? Astonishingly high rates or fees?

In Taiwan, what is the age limit?