Do dogs actually cry?

When I punish or shout at my dog, his eyes go red around the edges and he goes into a big sulk.

I know they don’t shed tears and I have read that they don’t really show any physical signs of emotion except through body language and facial expressions, most of which humans don’t really pick up on.

Is this like crying, except without the tears? It’s the first dog I have had which does this.

I used to have a dog that would cry in it’s sleep. No tears mind you, yet all the rest was evident.
She was one sensitive canine thou. Perhaps felt justifiably uprooted from her kin.
Sent to live amongst the hairless apes, who though fed & sheltered one exeptionally, were often prone to an unpredictable, ill-reasoned, and zany, futile existance.

Puppyhood is muthafugger…

You make puppies cry :cry:

My dogs get trouble with their ears if I don’t keep on top of 'em… gotta drip a solution in and massage their ears and then let 'em shake like crazy boys until all the gunk comes flying out of their aural orifices… Dofu once wimpered while I dripped the solution in and massaged his ear… I encourage his good behavior and assure him that everything’s gonna be alright… but once he looked up with obviously watering eyes… call 'em tears or not, he looked and sounded like he was crying. But, of course dogs cry. They may not look or sound exactly the way we do when we cry… but, that’s probably because they are dogs and not people. But, I’m sure they cry. Just as sure as I am that they show blissful, excited glee.

I believe dogs cry, just as surely as the smile. I had a kitten once who DID cry tears. She always wanted to be right beside me, but if I went to a neighbor’s house, I’d leave her home, as the neighbor had a very larg and dog who would have eaten her. My mother would always call me home inside half an hr. as the kitten would be sitting by the door, meowing pittiously with real tears dripping from her little face. I finally just quit playing at that friend’s house.

Short N’ Sweet,

I would work 12 hour shifts for 7 days and have 4 days off. I’d walk me dog every time I’d come in no matter how early or how late. My mother was a sick woman and she couldn’t walk the dogs. When my mom passed, the dog (and my sister’s dog who, lived elsewhere) had zero energy to go anywhere outside of the apartment. He would piss the place and pine…he wouldn’t be up for rope pulling or play and his eyes were full of snot. He would just lay there and not do much other than eat. I noticed a huge change in his feeling when she passed. Yes, dogs cry. Yes, dogs feel.

I raised and slept/shared the same bed with my pups since he/she were 6 weeks old. I challenged him on every bit of his shit that past my directon. He’d snap at me when I’d click my teeth and he soon learnt not to do that through my adjustment while I asserted my dominance by being boss. Dogs are like 6 year old children for enternity.

I’ve been raised with dogs since I was a young a boy. Not the dogs that you’d consider cutesy poo but dogs that most other people would consider ‘killers’ (A Rott( Name: Dex), German Shep (Named:Baron) and three Staffs (Named: ButtKiss, Maximus and Cyan)). The truth is these dogs aren’t ‘killers’ inspite of their breed’s look or profile. Dogs feel. Dogs cry. They deserve our respect and care. They’d do anything for you. Trust me. If you aren’t afriad to feel…your dog is lookin to mirror you. You are his/her leader.

They cry.
They feel.
They commmiserate with others of their kind and fight with them too.

Anybody ever have their dogs go ballistic when the Dog Catchers drive through loaded with dogs? They KNOW what is happening.

My crew…berserk…howl…It rips at the core.

Full range of emotions, yup. Dogs are intelligent; some more than others. Just like people. I miss having a dog.

Dem’s words.

My dog has such loose skin about his face that when he’s down his whole face sags and the skin around his eyes hangs down like he’s a bloodhound instead of a lab. Trouble is, it only happens when he’s down, such as if he’s not getting out for a walk – he can tell this by the way I put on my shoes, believe it or not. So he’s down, he gets the “hangdog” look, it’s FUCKING comical, let me tell you, so you can’t help but laugh, which makes him feel even worse. So you have to keep a straight face until you go back inside and let the laughter out.
80 pounds of pure entertainment. My dog.