Do Foreigners Pay Higher Effective Tax Rates than Taiwanese?

We’re paying the highest rate of tax? Since when?


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I never said that. Read it’s again champion.

I get the same deductions as everyone else.

Try to include some more politeness.

Good for you, not foreigner is able to get them.

Then you’re going to have to elaborate instead of just making an unsubstantiated comment.

I asked a question, I was met with derision.

What deductions are you entitled to? And what rate of tax?

How are your dividends taxed?

You haven’t even said which deductions foreigners are supposedly not getting.

Ask your CPA.

Or your healthcare provider.

So you’re telling me you don’t even know what foreigners are missing out on and instead resort to unnecessary jabs at myself.

See pervious advice.

You have still not mentioned anything about the deductions. What deductions are missing?

Just back up your argument. It’s that simple. Nobody should get this defensive over something so innocuous.

Well then why are you so defensive?

I’m not. I’m just asking a question. You keep dodging the answer and deflecting it.

What is missing?

That’s a response of someone who is defensive.

No it’s not. I’m genuinely curious to know what is missing for foreigners, because as far as I know, I’m not missing anything. You made the claim, I questioned it because it was news to me.

I asked to learn more. If something was happening that I didn’t know about, I would like to know more. You made a claim, so I naturally followed up to know more.


I’m really curious as well. @Furious000 can you please elaborate?
You obviously mentioned foreigners pay the highest tax rate since we don’t get all the deductions.


Please read again. I never said highest tax rate. Which implies foreigners pay the top marginal rate.

Do you mean the income tax rate for non-residents of 18%? It will be refunded when staying over 183 days in Taiwan.
There are deductions for dependents. There are also many other deductions available.

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I understand, what deductions are we missing?

Only foreigners would be APRC holders and foreigners with marriage ARC.
For the rest of foreigners: They dont exist but keep taxing them