Do I have a chance to stay for a few months in Taiwan?


I’m an Hungarian guy, and I’d like to stay somehow in Taiwan for a few months.
The reason and my story, that why:
About me a little. I’m 25 years old hungarian boy. I’m living in abroad since 4 years. I can speak english, but unfortunately still not perfect. I still have to learn a lot.

Okay, so I want to go to Taiwan, because my girlfriend is Taiwanese, and she went back to study at university. I’d like to be with her, so I want to go somehow to Taiwan.
I know I can stay there like a tourist until 30days. BUT I’d like to stay longer, just unfortunately I don’t know how I could…
I can’t speak Mandarin. so I think without language it is impossible to find any job.
I was thinking about if I’d go to mandarin language school, and maybe next to I could work.

Do You have any idea for my situation?
Do You think have I chance to stay somehow in Taiwan?

I was googling some language school in Taipei, but I hadn’t find good one.

If You have any helpful advice, please share with me.

Thank You,

You can stay if you attend Mandarin classes. Work? Will be very hard to get a work visa.

Could keep doing visa runs to HK every 30 days… Asia just isn’t as strict on visa as say Western countries (where if you did such a cycle they’d give you trouble)

Hi Zotya, and welcome to Forumosa! :slight_smile:

On studying Chinese, we’ve put together a list of common topics here, including the threads in which people discuss various [url= which qualify you for a student visa[/url], how to apply, and so on. Please have a look. If you have the funding for this, it might be your best option.

Here is the handy link for Taipei Representative Office in Budapest, Hungary.
Trust you can find some Taiwan visa information in Hungarian language.

If you’d like to work here, apart from teaching English, I’d say it might be easier if you’d find some Hungarian company who does the business with some Taiwan enterprises!
Otherwise, just like what the above suggested, either a regular visa run or apply the student visa would do.

Good luck and welcome to Taiwan!

I don’t know for Hungary but for most european countries you get a 60 days renewable visa if you apply in advance in your own country. Renewable means you can enter as a tourist but if for example you are accepted to a Mandarin school you can extend your visa in Taiwan and change to a student visa without leaving the country.

If coming to Taiwan without a visa you will get a 30 days landing visa stamped in your passport that cannot be extended under any circumstances. Again this is for most european countries I don’t know if this also applies to Hungarian citizens. Please check with the Taiwan representative office in your country regarding the specific visa rules for Hungarian citizens.

There is always the option of doing a visa run to Hong Kong when your visa is about to expire as someone else already mentioned but that will be a little expensive after some time