Do I have to pay taxes if I didn't work a full year?


I started working last august (2009) but before I was studying here with an ARC.
Do I have to pay taxes this year since I didn’t work a full year ?

Thanx !

Yes. Why wouldn’t you?

Yes. Of course. :loco:

You must report all of your income, and you must pay taxes on the taxable part of your income.

Unless, you are completely illegal. In which case you don’t have a work permit and the company you’ve been working for hasn’t reported your income to the tax authority.

Yes, you do. However, it isn’t a completely daft question and I think I understand why the OP is asking it. For example, in the UK the first 4k, or so, of income isn’t taxed. Even so you’d still get taxed whilst working as if you were working the full year and then have to claim it back at the end of the FY.

I think the OP is going to get taxed 20%, and then have to claim back any excess over 6% next year. That’s the latest tax rule for foreigners in Taiwan, isn’t it?

EDIT: The OP is suggesting s/he hasn’t paid taxes, which suggests to me that their employer hasn’t declared them.

Additionally, if the OP first entered Taiwan in August 2009 and then started legally working shortly thereafter, he will have been withheld at 20% and he won’t get a tax refund of anything because he won’t have been in Taiwan for the magical 183 days in order to get a refund! However, he will still have to file a tax form and that’s when the tax agent will inform him that he gets back exactly 0% of his withheld 20%.

Happened to me my first year here. I arrived on August 5, began working in September, was withheld at 20% through December 31st and although I had to file a tax form in accordance with the law, I got nothing refunded to me. Major governmental scam! :fume:

Thanx tomthorne and Northcoast Surfer for the replies.

BTW, what a really constructive answer !
In some countries, you don’t have to pay if your working period is that short or, like Tomthorne said, the first XK$ aren’t taxable.

It was the correct answer to a yes / no question, not an appeal for opinions or suggestions. Don’t be silly.

IF someone worked in Taiwan and didnt intend to stay on next year, its feasible to not file for that year because you are taxed at the full 20pct anyway and would not get any sort of refund. You are also not entitled to any exemtions either. Then you can just leave with what you got after the taxes were taken out and thats that. I dont think its illegal to NOT file in this circumstance. However, if you intend on being in Taiwan the second year (for more then 183days) you should file anyway just to get in the door , so to speak. And then the next year you will be entitled to any and all exemptions and be taxed according to the local tax table. Provided you stayed physically more then 183 days of that year.

I think thats the gig anyway :slight_smile:

TW doesnt care so much as not filing, they care about tax evasion. IF you worked and dont file it simply means you are giving up your right to get money back from the govt (if you have any coming back). IF you dont have any coming back and dont file… no biggie.

If you are a salaried person, they are going to get their money straight from your paycheck monthly. You are filing in order to get some of that back in refunds.