Do I need a chop?

Don’t do this yourself. Have a local friend help you out. Otherwise you’ll probably end up with the equivalent of Taiwanese English names like Nimrod or Bagel.


As teacherfei mentioned above, please get a native speaker to help you with that. Depending on a website can lead to ludicrous and insulting results.

Edit: Yeah, what Dr. Milker said :cow2:


Nimrod would be cool - two of my sons have middle names including Merlin and Oberon

OK, man…you’re on your own.


There’s a thread on crazy English names that Chinese speakers have chosen for themselves. The strangest in my experience was a student I had named Messiah :astonished: :innocent:

Depends if you like stuff such as the Hobbit or King Arthur, haha. But I get the point about unintended meanings if it’s not your native tongue, it’s wise to check.

I knew a biology professor named Amoeba…


Oh my god. This all day. My signature looks different every time, life was hell until I got a chop.

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There is a process to replace/change it. Happens to Taiwanese people all the time.

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Would naming yourself Confucious offend anyone?

Oh, and when you do get the chop carved, make sure to have it done in 篆書 (zhuànshū) script. They sometimes assume a foreigner will want one in a more standard script that’s easier to read, but 篆書 is much more stylish.

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You need someone qualified to do that, needs right amount of strokes, good sound, right characters to bring you luck and be wow’d by locals, Oh, good name!


孔 is a valid but not super common Chinese family name today. In fact, I chose it as my Chinese surname because it sounds like part of my English family name, but more importantly it only has four strokes! And by the way, I get a lot of compliments on my Chinese name (which locals helped me choose)

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And here I assumed seal script would look pretentious so I went with a boring plain style :doh:

Rookie mistake… :sunglasses:


Maybe there is an exception for Confucious? Normal superstitions are void.

On the other hand, I would love a foreigner to call themselves 444. That would be totally sick.

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Yes but you can use a different chop for each thing. A separate chop for bank and different one for another purpose or general purpose.

尼姆羅德 has a nice ring to it

You’re on your own too. :grin: