Do I need a police check to switch jobs?

This is all I can find about the new law requiring foreign teachers to get police checks (home country).

I work at a buxiban.

I’ve been in Taiwan for over a year so I’m not a “new teacher”. But if I decide to move to another buxiban (current boss is fucking crazy) would I have to get the police check? Can anyone confirm?

This is actually the only reason that’s holding me back from switching jobs. I know I have a clean record but all the paperwork and related international delivery hassle does not seem fun…

While I have no direct experience of this, surely this bit about halfway down that article is your answer?

The new background check for foreign nationals only applies in the following circumstances:

Cram schools only, not other types of schools.

Teachers applying for cram schools for the first time, not teachers already working at cram schools.

Teachers who have applied since June 16 or have yet to complete their application process from an earlier date.