Do I need an ARC to buy real-estate in taiwan?

I currently don’t have an ARC as I don’t work in Taiwan, but I am looking to buy a condo in the very near future. I do not need a mortgage or financing, so that is not an issue. I’ve tried to do as much research as I can, I know with the reciprocracy rule I am entitled to buy realestate in Taiwan, so the big question, do I need an ARC??

Also, if I do need an ARC, what are my options for getting one? My friend has an incorporated company but for him to get be an ARC his personal social insurance would go up like 10 times… and all the english schools etc require you to show up a certain amount of days / month, some months I might not even be here…

Thanks again, and sorry for my wierd breed of questioning.

I have an appointment with a lawyer when i get back to taiwan so i guess i’ll let u guys know my findings if nobody replied prior to.

any news?

No, you needn’t.
It doesn’t matter.