Do I need to pay export/import fee if I send my laptop back to US for warranty

Hello. Firstly sorry for my English.
I’ve bought a laptop that shipped to me from US few months ago and recently it comes to some problems. I’ve tried to bring it to some local store but they said there’s no components for my laptop so I have to send my laptop back to US for warranty. I’ve paid all import fee when I get my laptop. So do I need to pay again if I send them to US and when I get it back from US? Btw are there any transport services that I can use to ship it? Thanks in advance.

The first step I would take is: find another vendor, and ask again.

I’d be amazed if the laptop cannot be repaired here in Taiwan.



I think my laptop have some display failure. And it’s a custom built laptop from a brand named Electronics so local store don’t have suitable components.

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@marco I wonder if you have any advice for this poster?

@onlylove943 Good luck sorting this out!


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Btw how can I link my post to another sector like Technology? Or do I need to create a new thread?

I brought my laptop to a store named Dr. A at Shilin and they said they don’t have components. I’ll try to bring it to other stores tomorrow.

What laptop?

Have pics?


I don’t know if this is helpful at all, but I once ordered a water bottle (among various other things) from R.E.I. in the US (shipped to me in TW), and the insulation didn’t work. When they sent the replacement it came with some note to customs that it was a replacement and that duties had already been paid, so it was delivered directly to me without being held captive for three weeks at the port like things often are

It’s an Eluktronics Max-15 with ryzen 5900hx rtx 3070
Here’s the link Eluktronics MAX-15 Slim & Ultra Light Gaming Laptop
I bought it 50% off through their Spring sales

So that’s mean they paid the duties for you beforehand? I don’t think my laptop’s company would pay such high amount of money regards of my laptop’s price.

No I think because it was a replacement, it was “exempt”

How do customs know the laptop was replacement tho?
Btw can someone suggest me a shipping service? Is UPS reliable?

That’s a mighty fine gaming laptop you got there. Did you get the water cooler with it? UPS or FedEx are reliable. Make sure you have delivery confirmation and tracking code (UPS or FedEx usually come with them standard). BTW, OMX is the European brand for the laptop you have. Is there an OMX in Taiwan? If there is, they may honor your warranty, but I doubt it . Never hurt to ask.

no idea on the computer stuff. but if a warranty if they include all the paperwork on servicing and you get them to include some official documentation saying this is a returned repair, even if customs asked you to pay you could go in and explain your case and I HIGHLY doubt they would make you pay duty.

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There’s no import tax on laptops anyway, so no you wouldn’t have to pay that. I dunno if they’d sting you for sales tax though?

My apologies for the delay. I’ve been a bit busy.

When it comes to duties. It seems like it’s a warranty repair you’re going for. Usually I encourage people not to buy overseas because of issues like this.

For warranty repairs, I’d expect that the company prepay duties on the repair (DDP) if they agree to receive and send the laptop from overseas. Most warranties are valid for domestic complaints only and will only send to a domestic address.

What’s wrong with the display?


It can be repaired no problems. It’s just, displays are expensive and Eluktronics is a very small US company with little presence beyond its borders. This means that warranty support is limited even though they claim they ship worldwide. It’s not like they have warranty centres all over the place.


Sorry for late reply too. The display just suddenly run into flickering and when I restart, it can’t be displayed again. I think there’s some failure with cable. Here’s the video I got before the restart Max 15 problem - YouTube
You can still see the cat eyes (my wallpaper) and taskbar at bottom of the screen

I’ve contacted their support to ask about duties and here they mentioned some HTS code that I have no idea what it is

Link to website: Harmonized Tariff Schedule PDFs

this reminds me of a time I fixed a camera I bought in canada. I contacted the canadian office and asked them. they said if it is indeed a flawed machine, then warranty covers it. I can take to taiwans Canon branch, fix it, and they will reimburse the fee as its through the official brands system. the catch was they could only pay in canada, so I had to have a family member recieved the check and deposit it. might be an issue if no family is available there. at the time they only sent 450cdn and the actual cost was 500 something , but I was expecting nothing so I took it.

this would, of course, depend entirely on the brand. So far Canon has treated me right when their products are faulty.

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