Do I need to re-enter every 2 months?

Ok, perhaps a newbie question and I haven’t found a satisfactory answer to my question yet so I thought I’d try you guys.

I have a 6-month visitor’s visa as my partner is based out here in Hsinchu for a year. I’ve heard conflicting information about what I should do. Some say I need to do a visa run every 2 months, while others say I don’t need to until my 6 months are up.

My partner says he had to do a visa run earlier this year even though he also had a 6-month visa so…what do I need to do? :s

I’ve never heard of a 6-month visa. I think the maximum time on a tourist/visitor visa is two months extendible to 6 months after your arrival. You don’t have to leave the country to get it extended after your first two months in Taiwan, but you need a reason to extend it like taking Chinese classes (that you don’t necessarily need to attend). You can extend it one month at a time up to the four months left after your first two months are up. You need to leave the country though before the six months are up. Then you can come back in (if they let you and they probably will).

Thanks! Hopefully I should be able to extend my stay for the full year that my partner is here and I’m hoping to find myself a job which provides an ARC and work permit within the next few weeks anyway.

Hi, please reread my post. I originally stated, “I’ve heard of a six-month visa.” I edited it to include, “I’ve never heard of a six-month visa.” The rest of what I wrote will then make sense.

I’m pretty sure you can’t extend your visitor visa for up to a full year. Only up to six months after you arrive. Then you must leave the country. Is it a visitor visa?

Yes, it is a visitor visa and it says ‘60 days’ and ‘multiple entry’ on it. I was told by someone that re-entry was not necessary. However, since my original post, I’ve heard that I can re-enter every 2 months up to a period of 6 months, after which I need to get a new visa.

Hopefully this information is correct as I keep getting told different things.

If I get an ARC/work permit, I wouldn’t need to worry about the re-entering every 2 months, right?

Right. ARC is good for a year.

Multiple Entry is good to have. If you don’t have a job in 60 days then you can just get a return flight. Probably cheaper than signing up for Chinese classes. Maybe. Might want to look into what’s cheaper and/or what you can do with that a multiple as far as extending it without leaving.

I never had a multiple visitor visa. Only single entry extendible.

I think the OP is a bit confused.

Therefore, first of all, how long is the visa valid for? (There’s a date on the visa).

Secondly, if it’s a multiple entry visa, then you just go to HK every other month, wait in HK airport for an hour or so, and then you fly back. You should be able to do that for NT$8k per time.

It’s possible, if correctly handled to stay about 8 months in Taiwan with a 6 months visa … after extending the visa twice and before the visa runs out … fly to HK or so and return before the visa expires … this way you can get another 2 months out of it … I’ve done it, before I had my ARC …

You can of course leave and return to Taiwan whenever you like with this kind of visa within the 6 months limit … and stay each time 60 days (59 days)

Anyways, you need, if you choose to extend the visa go before your time is up, like 1 week before the 60 days expiry date, don’t wait until the last day … and count your days well … mistakes have been made before …

Sorry guys, an old thread but i did not find ‘where / what place i can extend the visitor visa’. My 60 days are up the beginning of August and i should really starting thinking about how to extend it to 60 days…soooo…where can i go in Taoyuan???..some say the city hall, some say the police station.

Can you help me pls… :unamused:


You should go to the foreign afairs office of the police.
I think the address is 3 Hsien Fu Road, Taoyuan City 桃園縣警察局外事課 桃園縣桃園市縣府路3號
Tel: (03)3335107

[quote=“almas john”]You should go to the foreign afairs office of the police.
I think the address is 3 Hsien (Xian) Fu Road, Taoyuan City 桃園縣警察局外事課 桃園縣桃園市縣府路3號
Tel: (03)3335107[/quote]

Thank you very much Almas, your a star… :slight_smile: I will give them a call this morning.


[quote=“almas john”]You should go to the foreign afairs office of the police.
I think the address is 3 Hsien (Xian) Fu Road, Taoyuan City 桃園縣警察局外事課 桃園縣桃園市縣府路3號
Tel: (03)3335107[/quote]

Ive just been to the above address in Taoyuan, guess what…they dont deal with renewal of tourist visas, only ARC’s.

Can someone pls give the the Taipei address to which i go to renew my extendible tourist visa.

Im in a rush now… :s


96 Yenping Road. Very near the Henyang Road exit for MRT Ximen Station.