Do I need to serve in the military?

So I got an opportunity to transfer to Taiwan through my company. I got my work permit for 1 year. I’m planning to apply for the resident visa then alien resident certificate. My concern is, will I get pulled into the military.

My story is, I was born in the U.S. So I’m an American citizen. I did have a Taiwan passport which was last used in 2001 and expired in 2004. I only lived in Taiwan when I was 1st to 6th grade and attended an international school. Then lived in the U.S. since, used U.S. passport to enter Taiwan since then. Funny thing is, I have served in the U.S. military for 8 years.

Will I still have to serve in the military?

Apparently if you left Taiwan for another country before the age of 13 and the other country is where your main residence is, then you are not required to serve in Taiwanese army.
This is what my wife researched when we were looking into this issue for our son.


This would be useful information for quite a lot of parents (myself included).
Would your wife perhaps remember what websites or departments she looked at/contacted for this information?

All sorts of questions, such as leaving before 13, but coming back for a few months each year, etc.

Thanks for anything she can provide.



Wow I looked through so many forum discussions and this answer can finally give me some relief, thank you!

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