Do I need to update APRC if passport number changes?

My APRC has no expiration date, unlike my US passport. Since the passport number printed on my APRC is no longer correct, am I supposed to update my APRC?

I didn’t have any problem on a recent return flight to Taiwan despite the discrepancy. They did ask to see my old passport (which I brought along), but said it was to check for previous arrival date.


And also you must update your Open-Work Permit as well.

Yes on all accounts. Just make sure you get the proper sized photographs.

Yes, but I haven’t done it in two years and am in and out of the country all the time. In twenty some trips through passport control it has only been caught once, and the lady told me to go get it changed.

As I type this, I am thinking I should get it done sooner rather than later, do I just need to show up at the spot and get the photo there? Please advise.

Eh, you’ve better get your own pictures, for the sake of not paying four times the usual amount, getting it from a DIY booth and suffering the consequences, or trying to find a suitable place in the middle of nowhere -which is where they threw the New Taipei City NIA office, if that is your residence area.

Is there any deadline as to how soon you need to update your APRC after getting a new passport? Do you get fined if you don’t do it ASAP?

I got my new passport three weeks ago but would only be able to probably drop by NIA this week.

Where do I get a work permit? I had one of the original handwritten ones that they gave when workers rights were given.
I made calls to different agencies and the people I talked with say I don’t need one.
Jobs just wanted to see my name on the household registration paper.

In theory max 15 (working?) days.
But,if you are white collar worker it will be alright. Just play the stupid foreigner act.
Donn’t say u too busy.

APRC -> open wotk permit

勞動部勞動力發展署 跨國勞動力事務中心
No. 39, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100
02 8995 6000

Just send them a copy of the ARC? Is that all?

You can do that apparently. Dont know the procedure for mailing.

But I always come in person, wait for 1 hour and get dkne with it

Just an update. Went there this morning and had it done in under an hour. They only asked me what I needed to update, fill up the form, photocopy my passport and that’s it. All for free as well.

I’m in the Kaohiung area…
Is there a branch down there?