Do I really need an onward ticket to enter Taiwan?


I don’t think you need on if you have a JFRV or an APRC, but people with regular ARCs probably need one.

I know I’ve never been bothered about a ticket onward but I have a JFRV.


I’ve never needed an onward ticket with an APRC, but I’ve had airline counters spend a few minutes on phone calls to confirm that the little blue card was what I said it was.


person who has an ARC with amultiple entry permit doesn’t need an onward ticket.


I’ve flown into Taiwan from Australia this year (US passport) without any evidence of an onward ticket (though I did have one on another airline), entering on a landing visa (visa free). Qantas didn’t care. Just FWIW. Don’t know what that means.


Uh oh, you said a naughty word.


You can create a real ticket for 24h for free:
[deleted by mod, cause we don’t want to encourage people doing illegal stuff]