Do landlords make tenants pay for mold infestation

I think so. I have similar dropped ceilings throughout my apartment, including in the bathroom. It just seems to be drywall, maybe <1 cm thick, and like you said it’s not really suitable for a bathroom at all.

They will also eventually fall apart from all the moisture. Someone cheaped out on construction.

Yeah, I should probably have written “leading to” rather than “supplying” in my first comment and “inlet”/“intake” rather than “outlet” in my second comment and not mentioned “AC” at all. I remember not being able to find the right vocabulary for the grille thing when writing my first comment, and at the time I was multitasking (i.e., doing two things poorly).

I wasn’t thinking that the place had central AC, which like you say would be unusual unless the place is a repurposed hotel or something. I just meant some kind of ventilation system, and what I was imagining was a typical extraction fan like in a bathroom. I figured it might be some kind of split apartment units sharing a common ventilation system with a big external fan rather than multiple small fans, so ducting parallel to the wall leading to adjacent rooms and ducting perpendicular to the wall leading to the grille.

The support beams suggestion is probably more plausible though. :man_shrugging:

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In addition to what has been said, if your fan has a continuous / 24h mode, I would recommend using it. My bathroom has no windows, but I keep the fan running all the time and I don’t have any mold issues.

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Doesn’t the “on” button cover that?

Depends on the fan, I guess. Mine has a control panel like that:

In my previous apartment, the fan always switched on and off with the light (which is not really optimal for a humid climate as Taiwan, I’d argue).


That’s fancy! Even if whoever installed it looks to have been a bit chabuduo with the angle…


Hopefully of the panel and not the tiles!

But what is that!?


Did they drill through those tiles with hammer action?!


Oh, you should see the way the place has been painted. Almost like someone used a toothbrush…

But it’s probably just the age of the place. For an apartment, 15 years Taiwan age equal roughly 45 years of age elsewhere :man_shrugging:


I don’t know either. However from that picture alone. Note the window casing into the ceiling. Meaning probably a renovation, that is to say the ceiling being lowered. That along with many ceiling fans in Taiwan actually do not exhaust to anywhere. Sounds dumb, but it is true. It’s a common problem in bathrooms, the ceiling fan is just there, not actual vents to outdoors. Newer buildings are better, but this is a problem Taiwan has faced for many decades. No idea if the original posters problem is this. But it is common. Construction in Taiwan is notoriously shit.

The mold lone going from the fan to the window seems to reinforce this theory. Aka gravity.

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