Do Macs work in Taiwan?

Since I’m only going to be here till Aug 29, what are my best options for internet access? I need acccess through my iBook (to get to databases through my university), so internet cafes are out unless they have hookups for the iBook. Help!

I’m living in a room in someone else’s apartment if that has any relevance.

I’m also looking for suggestions on what to do re. a cell phone for the summer.

Thanks! =)


I have an older iBook, and I found it works just like any computer. You should have an Ethernet port that will connect into any network supplying LAN Internet access, but that’s if you are in a company or you have ADSL/Cable broadband. If you want a dialup account, all dialup accounts will work since your iBook works just like any Windows machine in connecting through a modem and PPP protocol. You can also get prepaid Interent dial-up accounts through convenience stores if you don’t want the hassle of signing up with an ISP plan here. But that’s what a lot of people do anyway. Here are some suggestions:

Others on this board can suggest more options.


You need a GSM phone. If you don’t care about looks, you can probably get a cheap one for real cheap. Then, since you won’t be here long engough to justify a cell phone plan, you can again buy pre-paid cards at any convenience store. If you are from America and want to invest in a nicer phone, then understand that until recently GSM wasn’t compatible with anything in the States. However, now AT&T and Cingular offer GSM. So, what you’d need to research is an “international phone” with “tri band” or “tripple band” funcationality. That way your phone will work in Europe, Asia and The United States. Here are some models: B%3Die%26CID%3D105%26start%3D0